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51: Synchronicity

Friends may come and go, but The Brolo always loves you.

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I’ve had a bit of a problem for a while now, and I’ve discussed it with some friends, but it’s really been bothering me lately. I’ve had dreams about it and it’s stressing me out, so I thought I would go to objective people in this particular situation as you clearly don’t know the person I’m talking about… So here it goes…

I’m 21, 4th year university student. I’ve been friends with K for a long time now. Almost ten years. We go to different schools and we don’t live close to each other like we used to. That being said, for the most part we have always stayed in touch either texting, calling, face time, or even coming to visit each other. K and another girl, B and I have been friends from the beginning. It was always the three queens. (Why do I feel like Keith will say something funny here?) Anyways, this yr things with K started to be different. It was always me texting her first, initiating hanging out when I was home, stuff like that… then she started texting less and less.. and I could deal, you know we’re busy with school and life and stuff, but it was starting to bother me when she only ever responded to like every 3rd text I sent her…. So I just let it go. Come Christmas time when I was home for almost a month, we hung out a couple of times but she was being a bitch to be honest.. she’s always had a bit of an attitude.. so fast forward to January, I decided not to take shit from no one for my resolution, and by doing so, I said I wasn’t just going to be the person texting first all the time. Well, to e honest, I caved. I only texted her FOUR times in the month of January and I never got a response, so today I kind of lost my patience and sent her this

"Is there a particular reason you're ignoring me/not responding to my texts? I've texted you 4 times just in the month of January and I've gotten nothing back. I'm trying to stay in touch with you, as friends do, but it doesent work if it's just me Is there something I did or said? I think I deserve an explination as we've been friends for almost 10 years. I value our friendship. It's important to me. But it's also not fair for me to be left in a "limbo" like this..”

I decided if she didn’t respond I would stop dealing with this and delete her out of my life, although it makes me really sad.

BUT GUESS WHAT?! She responded with this…

"I’ve been thinking about it lately and i think i just really need a break.its nothing you’ve done its just that sometimes people grow apart and i feel like its been that way for a while. its hard since you’re far away and this semester is going to be very stressful and busy for me with different things needing to happen with school before i graduate. please just respect this.”

I feel like this is a cheap cop-out of an answer. It hurts my feelings, but I’ll leave her alone.

She’s been doing the same thing to my other friend who lives much closer to her, but not to the same full extent.

I then gave her this answer,

“Alright. I just wanted clarification. Good luck”

IS there anything else you think I should do? It makes me really sad as I do value our friendship, but I know I shouldn’t have to deal with people’s BS… Should I just cut her out? Or give her “time”?

Ahh, please help!

I’m such a big fan. I love your show and everyone on it. I especially love Danny. You guys make my day brighter! XOXOX

Rose P,
Toronto Ontario, Canada.
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I'd take a dinner over a card any day of the week, I'll tell you that much. Somehow a pre-written card is more personal than buying appetizers I like? To quote Brother Love: "My goodness gracious."

You get them an iPad, but you fuck up cause you should have gotten a card? I WISH I knew a card would have got it done! To quote brother love: "Know what I mean?"

Have you been watching True Detective on your Rite Aid greeting card?

Money is VERY personal to us men. We can't GET more personal!

Never mind when you do get them a card you find it later behind a dresser or under the bed cause who cares...
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A written heartfelt letter is VERY personal to us women. We can't GET more personal!

No one said to buy a rite aide card. Write a sweet letter and call it done. It's our day damn it. We're not asking for a letter every day... Sheeesh.

And a bonus for the guy: If in the future you fuck something up it'll be the sweet letters that she'll go back and read to remind her why she's with you in the first place. That letter is an investment in your future if you really think about it. It could potentially save your relationship in the present and in the future.

You're welcome.
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Maybe we thought Valentine's Day was OUR day, not YOUR day.
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I did say it's Our day. That's why you guys get a card/letter from your girl too. Two way street this relationship thing.

Now stop with the upper case words, it's like you're yelling at me. Low talkers don't like yelling
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It's me. Rose. Thanks for you help. I honestly think I knew everything you were saying, but it was not registering until YOU said it!

A little update....

This "K" girl, started posting very rude things about me on her social media.. Facebook, twitter, website etc... like genuinely mean... so I decided I don't need this garbage.. I had already deleted her from my phone, but had not done anything on my social media.. but when I saw this, I just decided SHE does not deserve to be in my life anymore, and you're right! Im 21 years old! Its going to be OK! So I deleted and blocked her from all my social media. Thanks for your help Brother LOVE! XOXOX!
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This episode was awesome sauce. All these voices I've never heard Brolo do before - hi-larry-ous. See what I di.... sorry.
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To me, Valentine is the world's day but not my day, forever alone, so sad. BTW, I love this episode
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