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58: Who Doesn't Like a Fuck Lunch?

Nothing is shocking the Brolo anymore...

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Hi Brolo!
My name is Anne, I'm 20 years old, 36C and I give a sensible raisin bran shit about this email. :P

Your show is fantastic, you and your lady give such great advice! I'm writing because I've been dating this guy for a little over 2 months now, and things have been going really well, but he's been feeling pretty sexually frustrated, or so he says.

I've been thoroughly enjoying everything we've done in the bedroom, and I think he has too, but sex feels like a GIANT step forward to me, especially because I'm a virgin.

He's 24 and has had multiple other partners, so he views sex very differently than I do. He says he's trying not to pressure me and is trying to understand where I'm coming from, but I know it's really bothering him.

He keeps asking me what he can "do" to make me feel more comfortable, but what I really need is just more time to know that things are going to work out with us before I make such a big decision.

What do I do?? How do I ask him to be patient when I'm not really even sure what I'm waiting for?

Thank you for all you do,

Brother Love,
This might seem petty but I feel this way so I want to know if it's valid:

A girl in my office is making me jealous. She gets random gifts like flowers and lunch sent to our office from her boyfriend as random gestures of his affection. He picks her up from work on his way home and meets her for lunch every here and again.

I can't help but think that I would love for my husband to be thoughtful in this way. It's not like I don't feel like he loves me. He's a great guy. But I miss being courted and woo'd.

Can I bring this up with my husband without making it weird by comparing him to another girl's boyfriend?
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One Fuck Lunch To Go Please

I have been on many dating sites lately and I gotta say, "They need the Fuck Lunch option."

I mean, there's a billion questions on these sites. What music do you like? What do you do for fun? Do you have pets? Etc. It's very time consuming and ultimately does little in the way of preparing you for what to expect.

I say let's condense things. Make the process easier. I have but one question: HOW DO YOU PREPARE YOUR FUCK LUNCH?

One question. One answer. The end!

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I was 20 years old, dating a 24 year old and we were messing around a little. I was still a virgin (I was upfront right away... no leading on). He pressured me a little, but he always stopped when I was ready to stop, and three and a half months into the relationship we "finally" had sex.

I waited because I wanted to really want the person, and I also wanted to know them. I waited, being mocked by my friends, and others, for a guy that I literally couldn't stand not fucking.

And I found it, we're still together :-)

I know someone else who had a one-night stand, and 6 years later they are married happily with a baby on the way.

Sex is a thing totally crucial in a relationship, but it's up to you to decide when to bring it in.
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