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62: Let Her Go, Bro

You want a happy wife? Listen to The Brolo.

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Brother Love,
My wife wants to go on vacation with her friends this Summer. This would be an all female event so I can't go with them.
To me, it seems odd to travel without your spouse.
Is this something I should be worried about?


Brother Love,
I got married about a year ago. Our one year anniversary is in June.
So far, the marriage has been terrible.
I don't know what happened to my fun-loving woman! She used to be cool. Now, all she can talk about is what I'm doing wrong.
She packs my weekends with brunches, couples dinners, and family gatherings.
It's not that I'm apposed to these things but they have become our whole relationship.
I hate to admit it but I've already thought of divorce.
Is there any way that the woman that I married is still inside the body of the woman that thinks she's my mother?
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Here's Dhanni (pronounced Danny - I think) Harrison's band: TheNewNo2 (The new number 2)

I like it. It's an older song of his. It's a bit 90's, but I like the video and politics and the fact George's son isn't some rich trusty twat like Ozzy's kids..

Also, DUDE! Doesn't Dhanni look exactly like his dad??

I secretly wish all the Beatles had kids that looked exactly like them and they went on tour and played covers. Just to experience that madness.

I recently watched The Rolling Stones' Charlie is My Darling. It's a 1965 video of their tour in Ireland. It's like right as they were breaking. OMG! Girls at their shows were losing their goddamn fucking minds! I've been to a lot of show, but never seen this level of madness before. Guys were jumping on stage and tackling the band. It's worth a watch.

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger and The Beatles and Pink Floyd...Man. You just don't get any bigger. They invented 'Rock Star.'

We have all this new music, but we don't have the icons that these guys were. Bigger than life!
BrotherLove likes this.

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Dhani has ALWAYS looked exactly like George. It's a bit unnerving.

Check out Concert for George on DVD. Amazing!!
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Hey Brolo - first show of yours I've heard so I don't know if you do it every time, but you singing along to your own song reminded me of this:

When I used to do sound engineering I'd recorded a demo for a friends band. We were listening to it back at a party and the drummer started air drumming to his own drums. A friend said "that's like masturbating to a porn video you're actually in."
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Not the same at all Witty...

and music - if it makes you move and sing and or air drum,
is doin' what it's supposed to do
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Yea man - look at Sean Lennon - even Julian Lennon

creepier for them I would guess
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Originally Posted by BrotherLove View Post
Not the same at all Witty...

and music - if it makes you move and sing and or air drum,
is doin' what it's supposed to do
I should have put a wink face to let you know I wasn't having a go, just wondered your opinion. I like the metaphor. If you don't dig your own music enough to sing along then what's the point? Your favourite band should be your own.
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