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70: Being Something

Brolo's back from tour just in time to save the Midnight Rider!

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Dear Brother Love,
I JUST TURNED 30 and I'm ready to roll, but my "friend with benefits" partner isn't as aggressive as I am. I know he's attracted to me bc when we do hook up he's way into it and we have crazy chemistry...but He's such an introvert and I'm the opposite. And sometimes he'd rather get high and pass out than hook up with me. But I wanna ride that train all the time, how so I get him to buy more tickets?
Midnight Rider

Dear Brother Love,
After a two year tumultuous long distance relationship, my ex and I broke up. It was not at all amicable at the time.The things he said to me were degrading, vile, and in general just awful. It's been a few months and now my ex is trying to win me back. Lately he's been reaching out to my close friends, writing them emails and sending sweet texts, etc. Yesterday, I received a package in the mail that included 3 photos, beautifully framed of myself, two of those close friends and himself. Obviously he wants me to give these to my friends. My friends have read the things he has said to me and do not want me to continue a relationship with him.
Regardless of the past, I still don't want to hurt this man.
What should I do?
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Sorry to hear about Polina. Great episode though. That was some bullshit to pull by that other band. I felt a little of your anger. Keep rockin!
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Dad's and P's and Q's

Wow -- what an emotional Brolo-coaster this show was.

Sorry to hear about Polina, man.

Also, your talk about the process of making the band is always interesting to me.

The thing that really caught my ear, though, was the thing with your Dad. My Dad and I also have a really great relationship but at a half century old I still find myself minding my P's and Q's because he's watching. Sometimes it's rather inconvenient but it's much, MUCH better than the alternative.

Good to hear you are on the mend -- or at least know where that is, man!

Them Vibes Rock!
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I remember when Polina was on the show. Brolo was running up to NYC. She was traveling to Nashville. That long distance is...just too much distance.

Glad Brolo addressed the situation. She fell out of the show and it makes fans wonder.

Also, 'Santa' sounds like a very interesting employer. Those are the fun kind.

That new Tom Petty is a rocker. It was cool to hear 1st track on the show.
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