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185: Art and Fake Urine

Myq hangs out with Heather Willems and Mike Amato on the KATG Network

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Myq's initial plugs were given the Kaplan treatment, and turned into a minute or two of linguistically laughable lines

Haven't finished the ep yet, but am loving it so far and had to mention the plug bit before I forgot.

And I am now imagining Heather sketching bits of the podcast as it goes along.
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This ep embraced my eardrums and game them earboners.

What a great juxtaposition of guests. Comedy and art, and the art of comedy were mixed together into an audio delight.

My biggest takeaway was the off the cuff discussion of offensive terms like "faggot" and "tranny".
I'm a big proponent of free speech, and have railed against "not being allowed" to say certain words, including these ones.
However your phrasing of "you can say what you want, just be aware that if you say some words, you will hurt me; however you're free to say them" was beautiful, and it cut through my shit.

You have done what many confrontational cunts have failed to do.

Thank you.

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