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1422: Spooning and Forking

"I don't mind getting hit in the face, but I know it's coming from a very fun place."

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Considering Keith is so gun-ho for the troops and the war on drugs it seems rather ironic that he has such a problem with the government spending money on space travel. Both cost more annually than NASA and are arguably less effective. Especially considering that if we survive as a species long enough space travel will eventually become a necessity and early preparations and testing are imperative if we are to increase our odds of survival. Personally I am glad they are retiring the space shuttle but that is only because it is outdated technology not because of inherent flaws in the idea of government funded space travel. I will concede that NASA doesn't yield as much results as some of its competitors dollar for dollar, and that is unfortunate. But to damn its intentions because of an oversimplified perspective is irrational and irresponsible. That would be like people discrediting the research of quantum physics early on because it is an intensely complicated field that yielded little answers meanwhile fast forward a decade or two and it has given us cell phones and other technological advances that we all take for granted. I am not going to pretend I am an expert cosmologist and understand the inner workings of NASA, but to put this on the chopping block over other clearly ineffective and grossly expensive endeavors that our government oversees is rather silly.
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Fuck NASA. I won't miss her.

And if you see making out in the video, please please please include your name.
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I don't think there was even lip touching in that video. Can you edit the poll to display the voter names?

NASA's not going anywhere, they're just retiring the shuttle because it's old technology that's less efficient than rockets. I think NASA has been much more fruitful than some other bloated government programs, like welfare. And I'm sure the poor people in america are polluting and increasing oil prices a lot more than a single space shuttle. If we just took the welfare money and put it into NASA, we'd be a lot greener and could have cooler stuff.


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Yeah, fuck those poor people for not being awesome like me.
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nasa sucks

kelly and lindsey - no thanks

keith and chemda - always awesome
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5 people in my grade in elementary/high school have died

1. Stoke (13 years old)
2. Cancer (17 years old)
3. Suicide (18 years old)
4. Car Accident (20 years old)
5. Cancer (22 years old)

I knew them all but was only close with 2 of them. The 13 year old hit me really hard and I still visit his grave and think about him all the time. There is actually a school in my home town named after him now.

I know this number is unusually high for someone my age. It was just a series of unfortunate events. But I have been to a lot of funerals for young people
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The thing mentioned at Bonnaroo was nothing to do with Arcade Fire. It's a viral marketing campaign or an alternate reality game for something, and those floating blinking light things were posted out to anyone who registered at Test Subjects Needed. They had a link to Mission Icefly on them and that now leads to Survival Code which has some video with the guy who played John in Lost talking about senses.

No information as to what it's advertising yet but people have suggested everything from Halo 4 to a new gum. I've kind of lost interest so if she really wants one I'll send mine out to her.

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Originally Posted by gin_web View Post
kelly and lindsey - no thanks
i'm sure they will be heartbroken by your comment you seem like such a catch.

Also, Dwarrior (like the good immigrant he is) is pushing it but he's right. Why spend money on the poor when for the most part they're just going to stay poor and leech?

Invest on research. Not Nasa, maybe, but other types of research.

Also, Maybe the space program ha some military use? isnt there a "sand monkey exterminating" side to the space program?
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Space is fucking cool, goddammit. We should give NASA money because it makes our dicks big. Also, it's better than using that money to build cruise missiles that we'll fire up somebodies nose from a destroyer.
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