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View Poll Results: Does the on and off sexual nature of friends that we talked about make sense to you?
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1457: True Science

"He might need to die."

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It might make sense if I was having sex with somebody. I can understand how a relationship can change though.
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I don't see how anyone can say that dressing provacatively doesn't increase the likelihood of rape. It's not like anyone is blaming the victims. It'd be like saying walking around holding stacks of cash in each hand doesn't increase the likelihood of getting robbed. If someone robbed someone holding money, of course they're still guilty. The person holding the money isn't to blame. It'd obviously be smarter, though, to NOT have gold ingots sticking out of every pocket. Likewise, it's obviously smarter to not be half naked walking past dark allies. Why draw attention to yourself?

This seems like one of those things that Keith always talks about where you just immediately feel offended but don't know why. If you don't know exactly why you're offended, I don't think you're allowed to be offended. It's ridiculous to be offended, then make up a reason why you're offended.
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They did interviews with rapists and part of what they said was that they are looking for easy access to remove clothing, so I think there is something to just saying "be careful how you dress" as a practical rule, but that should just be part of a larger list of things that women should do to protect themselves. It's a fine line though, because we as a society (and I don't think that Keith was doing this) keep putting the majority of our blame on victims of crime and saying that it is "their fault" that they were attacked, and as a result we have women who are not only mentally devastated, but on the whole less likely to report what happened and more of these assholes are still on the loose. Dress is not the primary reason that a rapist is going to choose his victim and without proper precautions it's not going to matter whether a woman is in a miniskirt or a blazer or a burka to someone who is mentally broken at that level. There's nothing wrong with saying "heads up", but we need to shift our main focus on fighting crime to the behavior of the criminals and not the victims. A cop should be giving a list of general safety rules not singling out one factor as an excuse.

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Eddie Murphy was my favorite stand-up and favorite actor: ever. This being said, he's dead to me and as far as I'm concerned died after Another 48 hrs. The movie 'Life' was amazing as well.
At least Eddie's brother Charlie Murphy is around to save the family name. He's Brooklyn, honest, and a great story-teller. All the things Eddie gave up.
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The Oscars are dead to me...I die everytime I watch all six hours of them...
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Originally Posted by Sashi View Post
I don't see how anyone can say that dressing provacatively doesn't increase the likelihood of rape.

You do understand that the majority of rapes are NOT stranger rapes where someone jumps out at you from behind a bush and grabs you, right? The incidence of elder rape and the rape of mentally disabled people also indicates that rape has less to do with "being hot" and far more to do with opportunity. Preying on the vulnerable is simply easier, and the same reason that many burglars go from door to door until they find one that's unlocked. Focusing attention on what the woman was wearing will not do anything to stop future rapes. A woman in a burka can get raped, and they do.

Also, you need to understand that comparing a woman's body with "stacks of cash" is gross. My pussy is not a stack of cash, nor is it a ring of keys that I accidentally left on the ground. People are not things.
"'Wah! I'm not good enough, so I blame YOU!' - by the way, that's a baby accent." - Chemda

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Clarification for the poll: I didn't catch whether Victor and Diane use to be a couple that broke up and continued to bang occasionally, or have always just been friends who bang occasionally. Does that make sense? Does that matter?

I've had both situations happen before, and they usually stop after one of the people decides they're more interested in pursuing a serious relationship elsewhere. Or the chick gets fat.
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They never dated.
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Nothing is wrong with a friend fucking friend. I've fucked friends, and I've friended fucks. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn't. But if it's working out, why stop fucking? It's a fun thing to do
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