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1643: Let's Hear It for the Boy

"Well, it's been fun, guys. Bye, cunts."

Nikki Glaser | Facebook
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Good show

If it wouldn't screw up a person's biology I got an idea. PMS is from hormones, someone should invent a hormone level test similar to a pregnancy test. If your level is too high then you take something to lower it. That part of the problem would be solved and they have Midol and other feminine products for the rest.
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I love Keith's love/hate relationship with science
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Here's something funny I noticed.
All three women said multiple times how they have to put up with men's shit all throughout the month, implying, and actually saying at one point that us men are lucky that the time we have to deal, is scheduled. Do women actually think that we don't have to put up with similar constant things through out the month? Obviously its different things we put up with, but we put up with stuff that annoys us too. That said, we put up with it, just like them, AND don't complain, just like them, because its not THAT big a deal, and we love them.
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I love Nikki and Sara's "You Had To Be There" podcast. It's so damn funny and it's refreshing to get different perspectives (mainly female ones) on general topics.
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It's so great. KATG and You Had To Be There are the only podcasts I never miss.
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Chicks, man. You know?
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I quit smoking three years ago. When I did smoke and would run out of cigerattes or wouldn't be able to have one for a while I would get edgy. The remote missing or my wife not speaking loud enough for me to hear would shoot my anger up quick. I knew that this was caused by smoking, I knew my wife wasn't pissing me off on purpose and normally I wouldn't be this mad but it still happened. When my wife over reacts, not abusive or belittiling, to some small little thing that she normally wouldn't, I know its because of her period. I try to slow everything down, keep patient a lot more than I normally would and try to be a little more understanding.
Originally Posted by flerchin View Post
The SSgt has it exactly right.
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Originally Posted by Lord of the Cock Rings View Post
Dude, you must be like, a scientific genius, or something.
Doesn't this need one of those Wonka pics?
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Isn't the root of the problem that you're having arguements in the first place. Surely to reach to point where one or both of you have reached a peak of emotion that causes you to snap means you haven't dealt with the issue properly before menstruation even comes into it.

Personally I take control of my relationship and don't allow an issue to escalate. Multiple times my girlfriend has become upset over an issue but I can read her well enough that just a second or two more silence than there should be, a kiss being slightly too chaste, I confront, analyse and solve.

Too many men allow a woman to say, "No, it's nothing" then back away and figure they've done all they can. This does nothing but promote the stereotype of men being bumbling, emotionally-retarded idiots.
I tend to grab her by the shoulders, turn her square on and tell her to look me in the eyes. I then demand to know what the issue is.
She can't resist this because she want's you to confront and take charge. Listen to her, repeat the issue back to her to make sure you're clear then take a second, pause and think it over. The resolution is usually very simple and women generally allow emotion to cloud their judgement.

Now, Keith has mentioned in the past that attempting to do this just illicits a worse response with Chemda claiming that what she actually needed was a moment for you to both just wallow in despair rather than instantly try to solve it. I believe the true problem was how Keith put any solution to her. Correct me if I'm wrong but whenever they spoke of these times it seemed that Keith spoke as if panicking, exasperated. He came to Chemda submissive to her childish behaviour in the face of a problem.

My girl has sometimes complains that I come off as cold, sometimes distant, but in these situations I am dominant and will not except her behaving like a child. Once a month her behaviour may be amplified but I won't let her panicky, possibly abusive behaviour dictate what happens.

No matter how much women will deny it, their emotional behaviour is that of a petulant child and must be treated as such. To do anything other than dominate is to admit defeat and encourage them and they will hate you for supplicating to their emotional pleas.
If an arguement breaks out you're already losing, save face,withdraw from the situatio telling her you'll talk when she's more reasonable. She'll call you an asshole, say you don't respect her, maybe even call you a pussy but you remain stoic as you would with a child and, as Keith said, they'll come crawling back in a few hours to apologize for their behaviour.

Then you fuck them like Jack Bauer trying to beat a confession out of their cervix.
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