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View Poll Results: Should you be allowed to walk in public dressed in a Nazi uniform?
Yes 50 61.73%
No 31 38.27%
Voters: 81. You may not vote on this poll

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1793: In the Bag

"I think the government will have a nice time looking through Keith's phone records."

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I voted yes on the poll but I remember high school when they sent kids home to change their clothes.

The panic button reminded me of one of the jokes on a Steven Wright tape I had where he had a switch that didn't seem to control anything so he'd just flipped it every so often. His neighbor called and told him to quit it.
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Should you be allowed? Yes.
Should you be surprised when you get your ass beaten? No.

Remember the best Die Hard? (3 duh)

Not illegal. Still almost died.
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The real problem with warrantless surveillance and data collection in general is that potential social movements can be detected and suppressed before they get the chance to develop and gain massive support. The cultural effects could be both devastating and subtle. It's algorithms we don't want listening to our information, not just bored government employees. That's HUAR shit.

But that's probably not what this NSA thing is about. Facebook gathers plenty of information, like Keith said.
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Like Flerchin said, do want you want, and be prepared to pay the price !

On a lighter note, listening to the Brett Michaels remake of Nothing but a Good Time, its the first time im wishing their was some auto-tuning going on. I cant believe that was released sounding like that.(on top of all the other reasons that its shitty and lame) It sounds like his tone deaf cousin is doing a duet with him.
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Exit Bag


The Exit Bag Press release - YouTube
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A couple LGBT movie recommendations: Pariah and Weekend. Behind the Candelabra wasn't great but the acting was. It was interesting and well made at least.
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Good discussion. A Jew chick defending the right of cracka nazi's to wear their costumes in public. Fuck me, what a world we live in.

And I have noticed that the last 3 guest have a tendency towards homosex. I guess it's a coincidence. I assume the next guest will like intercourse as God intended - for procreation, not recreation.

Thank fuck this thunderstorm's finished...

Oooh look out the window!!! A RAAAAAAINBOW!!!!!

I feel like a BLT.
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Oh, and i dont remember if the blood thing was ever answered.

Was it due to the bodies decomposing and the goo seeping out?

I fucking hope so. Some arsehole super superkicks in the door and goes arse over head in pus and blood and shit. Heh heh heh.
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These Lil Jon remixes are the best thing ever. LOL
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