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View Poll Results: U.S. listeners only, re: health insurance
I'm covered by my work 47 50.00%
I'm covered by my parents 5 5.32%
I pay 100% out-of-pocket 8 8.51%
I'm not covered 17 18.09%
I'm not a U.S. listener 17 18.09%
Voters: 94. You may not vote on this poll

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1912: Whip It

with Amber Nelson

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The middle east is getting waaaay more progressive.

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Keith is so fucking right about Forza 5. Fuck that game! I don't care if it looks photo realistic. The game is TOO real. It's hard as hell because you're not really "racing" at all. Feels like you're just not trying to dent your car which goes 60 miles an hour b/c all the other cars are locked.

If I want to buy access to a fancy car there's already a game for that called "real life". Fuck those nickel and diming game developers. I'm returning my game today. What a rip off.
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Saudi justice
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EP: Possible Freak; Certainly Not the Worst

First of all, let me say that I understand deleting posts is obnoxious and a shit bag thing to do. I appreciate that Keith brought it up on the show, (and accept that when you fuck up like I did) you get to have "Hey Piff - try not to delete that" said constantly on these forums. Nothing is more endearing than having one's douchebaggery pointed out - constantly

When it comes to the AV Club thing, at least let me explain myself, (this seems a bit late as Keith already made me out to be an asshole on this episode.

I could not believe that AV Club, (which I enjoy) trashed KATG, (which I love) so I did think it would be a good idea to have FANS get together and do a twitter # campaign. NO ONE AGREED OR ADDED TO THIS IDEA. In fact, Sparrow, (who I respect as like a KATG elder/ super fan) put the kibosh on it. Her argument was "Hey, this is KATG's fight/ business - let's not make it ugly" -this isn't verbatim but the gist and it made sense. I followed her lead and dropped it.

MOST IMPORTANTLY NEITHER KEITH NOR CHEMDA commented on the AV CLub post. Neither gave the 'go ahead' nor even hit the 'Like' button on any of these ideas. So...I'm not going to talk for the show! I'm just some fan. So when the owners of the business do not give the 'go ahead' , the fans remain silent, and the only voice is "Hey chill out - this isn't our fight" and gets dropped.

I feel like it's bullshit Keith says I didn't write anything. I wrote like a 6 paragraph commentary on the AV Club vs KATG episode forum. All he had to do was say "Hey, this sounds good to me - why don't you send this?" He didn't even 'Like it.' If there's no 'Go Ahead' from Keith or Chemda, I'm not going to do anything. I'm not KATG public relations...! (I'd also like to note that when Keith finally did get on the forum and ask for fans to go comment on 2 articles: I did.

I would love to help promote the show and I do. Keith didn't mention I tweeted the last guest: Jackie Kashian. I tweet A LOT of guests. I comment on iTunes. I put up stickers, (admittedly Montana is a less than desirable spot but hey it's where I live) I vote KATG in podcast contests. I pay for VIP! I encourage others to become VIP! I donated 50 dollars, (not fifty doll hairs, but actual FIFTY dollars to the Marathon...aaaAAAARGGGHH...I SUPPORT THE SHOW!
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Currently covered under my spouse's plan.
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You're a good guy, Piff. Just a little goofy. All I said was that it's funny that you were trying to start a huge crusade, and when people didn't seem on-board with your hashtag silliness, you were surprised, hurt, and then you let it go. With all your talk, not one message by you was sent out.

I'm not saying I wish you started a movement or wrote something to the AV Club yourself, I'm saying that with all your bravado it's funny that you didn't do something as simple as write in a message.

Add that to you constantly deleting (even kind) forums posts and now a tweet deletion I noticed you deleted cause I tried to retweet it, and you get mentioned.

I know you get it.
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Originally Posted by Edward's Screen Name View Post
Currently covered under my spouse's plan.
Use your college education and know that if your spouse's plan is paid for by her work, then you should vote for the one with the word 'work' in it.
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i would like to detach insurance from employment. getting a job with benefits is like a brass ring and there are 50 other kids trying to get it. and the carnie gets to refuse my care on how he feels about my life because it's his ride.

if the government is supposed to be reflective of and responsive to us, let's find a way to, one, take that back and, secondly, use it take care of ourselves. health is a public and social issue. we are already paying in taxes to cover the uninsured. let's do that, cause we're already doing it, but in a less fucked up and angry way.
Originally Posted by dannyhatch View Post
Maybe we should all smoosh our dicks together until the spirit bear tells us who's right.
Originally Posted by aunt_helen View Post
Laugh a little, chigger. The world is a fun place.
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Keith, video games have pretty much always been that way..I'm remembering every racing game I played back to the Sega Genesis days. Chemda is use a cheat code if you want the fast shit out of the gate.
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