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1937: Nine Years Down

with Ben Lerman, Matteo Lane, and Danny Hatch

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I discovered the show in 2005. I had just gotten high speed internet connected at my house and for a few weeks before I was browsing podcasts in anticipation of getting connected finally and being able to download some decent media. I had happened across your show listed in some directory and I liked the sound of it, so bookmarked the page.

When I got the confirmation that my DSL was up, first thing I did was download episode one and I still have that first episode all these years later - complete with Chemda's song at the end.

All the truly wonderful moments of my life since then have had Keith and the Girl as the soundtrack. You were there when I collected the keys to my house that I built in 2005. You were there when both my children were born. You were there during the many sleepless nights when I was writing my first novel and I was stuck for inspiration. You were there at some of the lowest times of my life too - when my first marriage fell over and I lost everything and I felt as though my world was crumbling down around me. When I didn't know where to turn, there was you.

There has always been some message I have been able to glean from you - something that I can use to reorient myself.

You have taught me to be a better lover, a better husband, a better father and a better human being.

Two days ago, I received a call from my Mum to tell me that my Uncle had taken his own life. In the darkness of that moment, of trying to comprehend it - fuck it - there was you. The earphones go in, the theme strikes up and there is perspective. There is a break from the turmoil.

My dream is to one day tell you in person what you have meant to me over all these wonderful years. For now though - "you are my morning, noon and evening jest. My working week and my Sunday rest."


Dean from Australia.
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Hi everyone,

I feel kind of embarrassed about my call in with JFOD yesterday, so I just wanted to write down how I should have put it without sounding like a fangirl.

Keith and Chemda,

I'm a guy, 25 years old, have been listening since I was 18 or 19, and I give a mountain of gloopy sloppy stinky shits about this forum post.

Congratulations on nine years of podcasting! When I started listening to KATG about six or seven years ago, I could never have known how this show would change my life. A guy I met one evening mentioned your podcast, and after first downloading it I was hooked, and I've listened every day since.

I always felt like a social outcast when I was younger, but it was directly from listening to the frank and open conversation between Keith, Chemda and their guests that I realised I'm not alone in the way I think and feel about the world. Especially meeting you both and all the other Europe-based clan in London - I know now that I'm not a social retard.

Keith and Chemda between them make a hilarious, sweet, touching and, at times, brutally honest podcast... so many radio shows and media out there just don't do this, making you feel dumb, like you don't fit in because you don't see your view of the world on screen or don't hear it on the radio. Keith and Chemda tell it like it is.

I now have confidence in myself to be who I want to be and that's all down to YOUR hard work over so many years.

My life has changed so much since then, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. But you have always been there for me, without even knowing it.

In short: You've changed my life.

Tanks and L'Chaim!


As a bonus, here's a pic of JFOD calling into the show. He asked a random guy in the bar if he lived nearby and had a good internet connection, so here's us calling in from this guy's massage table.
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What Dean said. Details aren't even all that different.
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1937: Nine Years Down
with Ben Lerman, Matteo Lane, and Danny Hatch

Ben Lerman, Matteo Lane.

This is gonna be good.
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Nine years?! I can't believe it. I was at work and browsing iTunes for something to pass the time in 2007 when I stumbled upon you guys. I was hooked after the 1st episode I heard.

If you had told me then how much KAtG would affect me, I would've thought you were crazy. I've met so many friends, I've traveled to new places, I even fell in love. Your show changes people's lives.

Congrats you two, you were born to do this job.
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Oh, I wanna be nostalgic too!

I started listening to the show in the 8th grade. Way back in my middle school days. You guys taught me how to swear properly. I remember a girl I had a crush on back then told me, a few months into listening to the show, that I cursed really well. One of my finest achievements.

I know you guys have definitely influenced me in other ways, but that's what sticks out.

Now I'm 3 months away from graduating from university and still listening on a regular basis.

I love you guys! Thanks for the 1000's of hours of air time.
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Congratulations on nine years. Here's to hoping the next nine go just as well. Hey if us fans are lucky enough we might see Keith and the Girl the next generation.
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If I was forced to go to a psychiatrist (probably actually a psychologist) by my parents when I was 11, do I still vote yes? I didn't say anything to the guy, they realized it was going to be a waste of money, the end. So it barely feels like it counts. But I'm fine just staying out of it. I don't want to ruin science.
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1937: Nine Years Down

Generally speaking, one only goes to a psychiatrist if you need drugs. If you only need to speak to someone, you generally go to a psychologist or counsellor. Difference being (as Danny said) that the psychiatrist can write prescriptions. Often times the psychologist will refer you to the psychiatrist if they feel you need drugs. And you'll come back to the psychologist for the therapy sessions. Of course the psychiatrist can do both, but it's also generally more expensive for their time.
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