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2075: Present Tense

With Reena Calm and Amy Shanker – Call center customer service; what teachers really think; how men touch women; illegal drugs and the FDA; Honey Boo Boo’s mom dates a pedophile; Gene Simmons would kill all pedophiles; Nazis still receiving U.S. Social Security; Adolf Hitler was on crystal meth

Amy Shanker

Reena Calm

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The intense part of Chemda that I like is when Keith, or a guest, really gets her laughing. Great visual treat.
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Intensity is a matter of perception. I think people perceive Chemda as intense because of a quality she has that makes her a great interviewer and show host: she picks up on things and asks the right questions. When Chemda does it so matter-of-fact, it makes people do an internal reality check and ask themselves if their thoughts and feelings are so obvious to other people. I could see how it would be unnerving. It would be like playing chess and thinking several moves ahead, but all of the sudden the board changes immediately to several moves in the future. There's a "how the hell did I to this point in the conversation so fast" moment.

Keith gets into this mode too, but he puts on a show in MNIK by adding alcohol and yelling. His guests end up divulging the same information, it's just a more theatrical process. People also don't call him out as intense when he's yelling because they think it's a character. Keith talking to Eats Paste for cheating on the stand-up vote was uber intense, and it was magnified because he did it in such a calm, straight forward manner.
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How is there not a straight answer to what is worse, sugar or cocaine? Come on, it's gone too far now.
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cHemmo is intense like love is intense

cHemmo is intense like your first hit of a new drug is intense

cHemmo is intense like jumping out of a plane is intense

cHemmo is love, cHemmo is life

You are the beating heart of Keith and The Girl

You fucking go grrrl
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Yes Chemda is intense (Keith as well BTW)

But being intense is a good thing, for me that means that you have an opinion, you are passionate about it and and not afraid to let others know your thoughts on a topic.
Being intense is what makes you both stellar hosts that are always interesting to listen too even if I disagree with an opinion every once in a while.

One of my biggest pet peeves are people that either don't have an opinion or have one but can't/won't back it up with any kind of valid arguments.
And "this white-bearded dude in the sky says so" is as bad an argument as "Somebody told me that that somebody that person knew was suddenly cured from cancer/AIDS/epilepsy they just didn't get around to document it unfortunately".
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Loved the episode and the guests.

I think Stockard Channing / Rizzo is 70 years old. She already looked old, yet beautiful, in 90s movies. Shame she feels like she still has to do that even though she was well-known and refined just 10 years ago.

Chemda seems like she's passionate on and off the show. Keith is the most intense person ON the show. He probably uses all his energy that way and gets it all out. From what other people have said before, Keith is more laid-back in person.

Don't really see a problem with any of this. It doesn't dismiss anyone's opinion during arguments and discussions.

edit: the umbrella story is hilarious.

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Christian Finnegan on umbrellas
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I think what everyone means by intense is you just have a big personality. You probably take control of most conversations in your daily life. What most people feel for you is probably intense. People most likely either love or hate you. Or in the case of a lot of listeners.. Both. You have very strong opinions and you express them loudly and proudly. It's definitely not a negative thing.. Especially for a talk show host.
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Hey Yvan, Fuuuck Youuuu and welcome to the forums.

There's makeup and then there's Tammy Faye
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