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2104: Pudding Out

With Sue Smith – All-women comedy; ballet; vegetarians that eat meat; waiting to be proposed to; re-wearing dresses; Kim Kardashian believes God punished her; changing your gender without surgery; a sex offender wins the lottery; Bill Cosby’s victims on CNN; mental OCD; tipping; inappropriate defecation

46: Shit Doesn't Freeze

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KATG Therapy

Who is more capable in the realm of therapy: Keith or Chemda? This is a difficult question. Easy to see why KATG fans are evenly split. Personally, I think Chemda has more experience with talk therapy. She also seems caring and capable of great empathy. HOWEVER...

To even begin Skype/Chemda/therapy, one must first get out of bed. Followed by opening the blinds.

I couldn't be clearer.
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To me anyways it seems that if a lot of comedians did know Cosby was raping women then his wife had to of had at least an inclining.
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Camille married Cosby in 1964. They've literally been married for 50+ years. You mean to tell me she didn't know her husband was a freak running around with briefcases of pills with his dick out?! C'mon!

I just wonder if she's too old school conservative to get a divorce. That or too used to the money/ lifestyle.
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Originally Posted by Electric Squirrel View Post
his wife had to of had at least an inclining.
True. Her middle name is Eileen.
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2104: Pudding Out


It puts the puddin' on it's skin or it gets the booze again.

I read a few articles last month citing "sources close" to Camille that she was considering filing for divorce. I will believe it when it's actually finalized.

She had to have been aware of the "cheating", but maybe she is just finding out that it wasn't fully consensual by both parties as she always assumed. Could you imagine basically giving your husband a green light for infidelity (for whatever idiotic reason that may be) and decades later finding out that instead of being married to a normal cheating millionaire, he was a piece of shit that actually drugged/raped his "mistresses"? It's probably a very tough pill to swallow ... err ... situation to be in to unknowingly participate in Cosby's fucked up rape game. Especially for this long.

But then I think of the previous settlement some years back and wonder, with 13 women who all had similar stories and who were ready to testify against him if the case went to court, how she didn't question it then? Did he convince her that they were all liars and only after his money? I'd have an incredibly hard time shaking the thoughts of him doing this to countless girls while also staying married to him through this whole thing.

She's probably sitting in their mansion, unable to give up the comfy lifestyle she's been so used to for decades while at the same time a little part of her is thanking God that none of those girls raped were her daughters. (So far though, right?)
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She wouldn't have to give up a comfy life style. Any court would side with her and alimony would be huge.

I wouldn't believe people if they told me my husband was a rapist. And lots of people didn't believe it and still don't. It's not hard to believe that HIS person would be on his side.

I would also hope that my partner gave me the benefit of the doubt. And Cosby had a huge influence that shut this down publicly for a long time. So it's not unbelievable that it would get shut down at home too.

Some people are great liars and manipulators. This is one of them.
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So you're born a woman but feel like you're a man. You have the chromosomes of a woman but think you identify as a man. How does that make you a man?

Do you have a uterus? Do you have a reproductive system?

Sorry not to be a dick but every time I hear these things I wonder why people identify as the opposite sex when they clearly technically are the sex they are. Why does that make them the opposite sex vs gay or a tom boy etc?

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because biological sex and gender are different things.
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Not if you meet them in person I think...Chemda's powers are really endless and her energy knocks you over in the psychical form. Keith is magical too, don't get me wrong, (did you know his eyes sparkle?) but you have got to give it the lady in these types of situations
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