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Originally Posted by The Girl View Post

I was sharing the experience. In it, there's disappointment. That's ok.

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I don't know if this makes sense, I certainly don't know this person or what they were thinking. I'm hoping there is a reason that is sensitive and meaningful even if it was the wrong decision.
I tried to put my self in this persons shoes and this dog owner guy thought maybe Hennessy's employers know him as a woman (like in the app or something) and didn't want to send a review that might get dismissed because he used inside information on what pronoun to use?... I don't have all the information but I hope it was just a bad mistake that wasn't intended to be hurtful or willfully ignorant.

Here is to Hennessy one of the funniest, and friendliest guys I know (Well sort of know, you know as I only really know him through podcasts and stuff.
I don't really know/know him but, I think I kinda know him. You know! Stop being difficult, jeez).
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Originally Posted by The Girl View Post

I said it because it was what Hennessy expressed to me. He was dejected by the experience. I don't think I was expressing much more than the fact that it's a shame and it's part of what makes it hard for him to socialize.

I was sharing the experience. In it, there's disappointment. That's ok.

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I listened again. Maybe it was me who was overly sensitive to your disappointment. You're allowed to have it. I don't think these instances are ever going to go away though. It is sad. I'm sorry you two are forced to deal with it so regularly.
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Originally Posted by Apia View Post
I love dogs.
If you don't like dogs, it's ok for me as long you don't get out of your way to communicate how disgusting dogs are.
But it might make things between us more complicated should we want to be friends, as I like going on hikes with the dog in my free time and the dog lives in our house and will we there when you visit.
So try to tolerate the dog.

And btw I'm over people hating on children or talking how stupid it is to have children and so on. It's been overdone.
You don't want children? Good for you. Don't have children. I will not try to change your mind.
No idea what it is like in Germany, in the U.S., there is a lot of pressure to have children. Much of the backlash to having kids is a push back on that pressure.

I have a friend with a child and people make snide remarks about her only having one child.

As for the dog thing, dog owners in the U.S. can be absurd. In San Francisco, dog owners will ignore signs stating dogs are not allowed in the grocery store by order of the health department. Their dogs are too special. Going off of German stereotypes, I have a hard time imagining Germans ignoring such signs.

I agree with your sentiment of have tolerance and respect for other people's decisions regarding children and dogs.
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