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KATG 2700: Press the Button

with Chad Zumock and Reena Calm – Drunks; approaching comedians; comics and politics; The Karate Kid TV show; parents fighting on your behalf; KATG Polls; Wag August 23, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Is This An Intervention?: Chad Zumock and Reena Calm, who both know how to have a good time, are in studio
  • — Matching Mug Shots: Both Chad and Reena have been caught shoplifting while drunk. Chad has a DUI record.
  • — Going To Too Many Meetings Anonymous: The gang talks about the facets of anonymous meetings (and celebrity sightings)
  • — Denial?: Chad defends his alcoholism. Libby comes on mic to drop a little knowledge.
  • — Maybe She Had A Daughter: Chad and Reena discuss getting sexually approached after their stand-up shows
  • — No Trump Before Noon: Reena and Chad talk about “political material.” Chad graces the gang with his impression of Jim Florentine.
  • — White Lives Kind Of Matter: Reena’s Jewish parents love Trump
  • — Phone vs. Family Member: The gang talks about the grief you feel when your phone is lost or broken vs. the loss of a family member
  • — You Always Kick Ass After You Clean My Shit: The gang discusses the predictability of a Karate Kid TV show
  • — A Threatening Letter Counts: The gang talks about parents standing up to another adult on their child’s behalf
  • — The Polls Are In: 12% of KATG listeners go to anonymous meetings; 29% admit their parents have threatened somebody on their behalf; 75% think Chemda shouldn’t get a dog
  • — Who Are You Listening Too?: Hennessy got a review from a listener on the Wag app. They used female pronouns in the review. Chemda discusses how Hennessy deals with misgendering. (Use code HENNESSY3445 in wag for a first free walk!)

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