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2702: Iím an Alcoholic

with Anne Whitman Ė Keith addresses his alcoholism

Anne Whitman

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Wait.... What?

I think we've all known Keith has been an alcoholic since he shit on the sofa.... But studio? I'm sorry to hear that. It took me about 30 mins to figure it out as it wasn't explicit. I hope things start looking up for you, man. I'm an alcoholic too and all the AA talk on recent shows has got me thinking if I should go.
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I haven't listened to this yet, but I immediately thought of Episode 36: Keeping it Real.
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So TDM will be a regular show now?
We have a new participant after all.
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Wow. Keith wins the day. The man who loves apolagies, gives as good as he gets. That was so sincere and amazing.
I'm so sorry to hear about Keith's studio and headphones.
I know you like science and apolagies, so i'm sorry if i threw off your poll. I'm an addict but i'm not an alcholic, but i occasionally (post edit: in the past have worn headphones...if headphones were made of weed, adderall, mushrooms, acid, speed, meth, coke, crack, e/mdma/molly (i drink but its not you know what i'd sabotage all of my relationships and career for...well if i can't get my substances of choice maybe...) but hearing chemda and keith talk about coda and addiction over the years has been a cornerstone in my recovery, my journey. Discoverying it can change your life for the better. I hope you enjoy the journey.
I'm sorry your havin a hard time. I wish it wasn't gonna get harder, but there will be ups and downs. love you guys. so much.
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Amazing episode. Keith's 'Awake' cover makes perfect sense now.

Go to AA but also look to exercise as a way out as well - or take up reading or play a sport, maybe golf.

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I've been so engrossed in GoT podcasts and missed a few episodes, when I heard the Landmark episode I picked up on the relationship stuff and just assumed I missed another episode where this was brought up.

More importantly, and I've mentioned this before on the forums and Facebook, one of the main things that kept me listening to this show has been Keith's growth and changes.

Seeing him pick up so many of the nuances of certain social issues and add them to his previously more simplified version of right and wrong has been incredibly rewarding for me as a listener.

The relief and excitement of starting this new path might fade when the hard work sets in and he really sees the challenges. But I believe that Keith will pick up on the nuances and make the necessary adjustments as he goes. I've seen him do it before.

Thanks for sharing.

P.S. that GoT finale though, am I right?
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Originally Posted by Apia View Post
So TDM will be a regular show now?
We have a new participant after all.
Three Drunk Minimum has the same initials.
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This episode had me in tears while I drove to work this morning. I haven't had time to sit and process, but I just wanted to say that I am so proud of Keith. You've got so much support, take it one day at a time. Also, Chemda, your response was beautiful and I could really see all the work you have done in Al-Anon shining through. Thank you both for the open vulnerability.
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all the feelings

Wow, this episode had my whole body shaking, Keith this was... wow... This brought up a lot of feelings inside me that I still haven't been able to work through. You personally helped me with a relationship issue recently and I am grateful and I am sorry.
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