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2748: School’s Out

Andy Dick fired from a movie over multiple sexual assaults; Kevin Spacey’s pedophile-based predatory behavior referenced in Family Guy in 2005; man leaps to death after argument with wife; MSNBC’s Mark Halperin fired over 12 sexual assaults; stealthing; grade school dildo parties; is school important?; Stupidity News; Wendy Williams passes out on live TV; an Israeli bar offers 25% discount for period-havers

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Men explain to me the condom thing.

Before my husband I dated a guy causuly. He already had a child from an affair and lots of stress regarding custody and child support. He was very stressed about it. And he was a lawyer!
He always wanted to have sex with no condom.
I was on the pill but he barely knew me. He didn't know if I was trustworthy.
If I got pregnant it would be 100 % my decision what to do.

Why men? Why?
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Was listening to the show today and heard you mention a "Hi/Low" app was in development. Thought I would share:

I'm a Hi/Low expert. (What? I'll explain.) I am blessed with a daughter and two sons. Over the last decade, Hi/Low has been a regular feature of our family dinner conversation. My wife of 20 years has always insisted and demanded that we eat dinner as a family; a habit that was new to me, but now I value. When I started listening to KaTG, I brought Hi/Low into our conversations (among other things).

Hi/Low has been a valuable tool for engaging with our kids and to hear about their day, their school, their worries, their victories, and their values. As they've gotten older, the sophistication and content of their Hi/Low has changed, but the time spent and the conversation has always been priceless. It's given them permission to talk about what concerns them personally. Just as important - they get a turn. Everyone plays. Everyone shares.

And yeah... you have to share a low. If your "low" is kinda good, you had a great day. If you "high" is kinda bad, you had a shitty day. (Sorry to Keith's ex, but the game only works with a low. It's a game about context.)

So Thank You Keith and Chemda. Just another example of how your show ripples out and affects people beyond the listeners.
Furious Stylz

The problem is, they don't know what they are for.
They only know what they are against.
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In my Master's program I learned about the theory of developmental contextualism in my developmental psych class. It took me three weeks and a lot of effort to wrap my mind around the concept. I think that pushed out all the other crap I learned.
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I learned many useful things in school. But this is Europe AND I was good in school and reasonable popular.

And homeschooling is not allowed in Germany.
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What I learned in school:
To read
To write
Biology and organic chemistry.
Foreign Languages
History and how bad Nazis were and why we should never have new Nazis.
Something about boring German classic books.
I had ethics as a course and it was philosophy. Very good.
Lots about art history and what you see in a museum and why.

I met most of my friends in school at that time. I feel sorry for those kids who must learn at home. How boring.
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I think it has to be said Logan would die if he was decapitated, he would not regenerate.
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I love blind items. I've read many about Kevin Spacey before so I also was 0 surprised.


Next creeps according to popular guess:

Michael Bay and James Cameron
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Idk I remember when kids would transfer over from homeschooling or even private schools to my public school they'd be behind us and super socially awkward.

There weren't any bullies in my classes so we'd try to relate to them and ask them about homeschoolingand stuff to get them involved. But it was always a little bit of a struggle.

Kids who came from other public schools were able to jump right in like they'd been there the whole time.
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School doesn't matter. It's a fact. Everything you need to know is a quick 3-5 minute How To youtube video away.

Fix your shower caddy. How to boil an egg. EVERYTHING!!!
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