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View Poll Results: Is Chemda taking too many vitamins/pitamins?
Yes 50 80.65%
No 12 19.35%
Voters: 62. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 11-16-2017, 01:14 PM   #31 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Mermaid View Post
This is might actually be dangerous.

I feel like this needs to be tested in animals and clinical trials first before it's a product.

Too many oxygen free radicals can fuck your shit all the way up.
oh, it's fucking bonkers. got a sample in a bag of things and it is straight up salt water. dense, heavy, lukewarm saltwater. made me think they're trying to bring back salt tablets, but like, hip. or someone made a fat ass water molecule and they came up with a product to move it.
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Old 11-16-2017, 02:07 PM   #32 (permalink)
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I have a digestive disease and no colon and I take less supplements than this. (B12 and D because I don't have the part in my intestine that absorbs it, iron because I'm anemic.)
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Old 11-16-2017, 03:43 PM   #33 (permalink)
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No colon? HELLO!!!
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Old 11-16-2017, 06:40 PM   #34 (permalink)
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Hey Chemdawg,
I voted that you take too many pills, and then I was like... well she *did* say Glucosamine helped her a lot... so I went out and bought a bottle hoping it'll help my shoulders. See what you did there?

I emailed you a while back asking about your Myasthenia Gravis bc I thought I might have something similar and you told me to go to the damn doctor. I did, and I don't have MG but I did have 2 torn muscles in my shoulder that I'd been blindly dealing with for months.

So... 1: You saved my life, obviously. And 2: I don't have MG so you are still rare and special.
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Old 11-16-2017, 07:15 PM   #35 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by kaligula View Post
Heavy like an extra neutron heavy?
the brochure wasn't heavy on the science, but it assured me the molecules would not dissipate through the plastic or through the top of the bottle for 2 solid years. now, this water is not potable for two years, but the molecules will damn sure be in there long after it's usable.
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Old 11-16-2017, 08:11 PM   #36 (permalink)
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Something about nutrition makes people go to the extremes.

It's like pimp my ride but with people's bodies.

You like oxygen!? Well, we put oxygen in your oxygen so you'll have MORE OXYGEN!
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Old 11-22-2017, 07:01 AM   #37 (permalink)
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I'm currently studying nutrition so vaguely know what I'm talking about...

Too many supplements is not good. As people have already said, you can OD on some if you exceed the upper tolerable limit. Vits A, D, E and K are fat soluble so any excess is stored in fat so you shouldn't need to take loads of these as you'll have a store. The rest are water soluble so you'll end up peeing out all the extra.

You should also try to get all your nutrition in the form of food. Supplements are there to supplement your diet, not instead of. So if you do find you're low on something try adding it to what you eat (I'm low on iron so make sure I eat red meat once or twice a week). Having your turmeric is great as that's food, rather than a pill. Non food stuff isn't as easily absorbed either, so you're not actually taking in as much as you think. Some vits are really hard to get from food alone, like vit D, so during the autumn and winter a supplement can be a good idea. But you should still try enhancing your levels with eggs and oily fish.

Get hubbyface to research food instead and cook for you every day. He'll like that
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Old 11-22-2017, 07:05 AM   #38 (permalink)
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Also, Chemda was right about doctors not knowing anything about nutrition. They jump way too quickly to medication when it's not needed
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Old 11-28-2017, 07:53 AM   #39 (permalink)
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A quick "not for everybody" warning - for some, salicylate intolerance means the following cures might make you feel worse.

Originally Posted by snowflake View Post
when i'm sick i drink this: the juice of half a lemon, a hunk of ginger, several cloves of crushed garlic, local honey, cayenne, tumeric, and the herbal tea of ones choosing.

Tumeric is an anti inflammatory, combined with black pepper it can help increase your white blood cells!!!!!

... as an asthmatic, my inhaler doesn't always work. so i'll take anything i can to help breathe. like eating more raw onioins.
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Old 12-25-2017, 07:33 PM   #40 (permalink)
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How do you soft boil a clitoris?

Well, to hard boil an egg you only put it in for 7 minutes...

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