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Old 12-04-2017, 04:18 PM   #11 (permalink)
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folks who dig culty bullshit, feel free to jump down the rabbit hole that is David DeCoteau. he's got a big house where he films literally all his movies and that mofo is prolific. ancient times? modern day? western? horror? same set; staircase, pool, half a VW bug in the living room. and i'm pretty sure /everyone/ in his movies actively or previously did pornography. start with 'A Talking Cat!?!'
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Happy bday Chemda (WHICH MY PHONE NOW RECOGNIZES AS A REAL NAME OOOOOOOOH) and happy 100 days to Keet!
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The Room is an experience. You need to go in ready to laugh, so watch it with a friend or two and try not to think that it was intended to be serious. You will end up watching it many times to dissect it, so don't sit there feeling sorry for everyone while watching it (looking at you, Chemda).

My brother and his girlfriend showed it to my wife and I about 3 months ago and I couldn't remember having more fun watching a movie in a long time. Shortly after that there just happened to be a screening of the movie at an independent cinema that had a heap of interaction from the audience. I won't go into everything you do while watching the movie (there's plastic spoon throwing at the screen, throwing of footballs...) but we went with a big group and had SUCH a good time.

The movie is over 14 years old now and is STILL being shown around the world. The creator may or may not realise how bad it is but he has already made his money back and regardless of whether his initial intent for the movie didn't hit its mark, how can he complain about having a cult movie?

The Disaster Artist is based on the book (also named The Disaster Artist) that Greg Sestero wrote about the making of The Room. Greg was and still is Tommy Wiseau's best friend (they are also best friends in The Room) and though I've not read the book, the movie The Disaster Artist was incredible. It doesn't sit there and make fun of The Room (it doesn't need to) but it shows a really sweet story about going for your dreams and doing it your way.

Because of the cult status of the movie and the success of the book they not only have a movie based on them being shown worldwide but they are also still making movies together. How could you feel bad about this?

Greg Sestero was doing a Q&A at the premiere I went to and he still loves to talk about the movie and talks to Tommy every day. For a role in the "worst of the worst movies ever made" to put you in Australia, talking to a packed house of fans who know your movie back to front... it's a big deal.

YOU NEED TO DO THIS AS THE NEXT MOVIE NIGHT - and it needs to be when you both watch it for the first time. Please. Do it for us.
R.I.P. Rhian - fuck da ghetto!
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Originally Posted by marykae View Post
Listening now.

Added $3 to my pledge because your total ending in a 2 instead of 0 or a 5 is weird.

43 people should also add $3 to get the stand uppy thing.

But then it will end in a 1.

So 44 people should do it, actually, and then ill add another dollar and everything will be perfect.

Why am I up still?
HA, I added $3 the other day too when the total was $10,997.
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I'm Getting to this one late but i wanted to share my 2 testicles of wisdom.

I think Tommy Wiseau is very well aware of whats going on with the cult around his movie and LOVES being on talk shows even if it is to be regarded as a freak. Its been reported multiple times by people who know him but arent "friends" like Sistero or Franco, that Wiseau is a very delusional guy that WATS to be a hollywood star no matter what.

So when the attempt at making his movie osc ar material failed , he bought into the "black comedy it's ok to laugh at" thing.

And he plays this strange eccentric character to go with that. But anyone who tries tyo dig deeper gets REALLY on his bad side

Exhibit A: the documentary "Room full of spoons"

couldnt find a youtube link

The docu was kickstarted and completed but, since it digs a little too deep in tommy's behind the mask persona, he sued it into oblivion (lets not forget he is rich)

So in the end he is the winner. More than anyone else.
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