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2787: The Seven Month Itch

with Hannah Boone – Drugs, rehab, and hallucinations; art teacher fired for teaching nude art to 6th graders; British Chef receives death threats for saying she spiked a vegetarian’s food with meat; husband sues wife for spying on his email after he catches his multiple affairs; Prince Harry’s presidential conundrum

Hannah Boone

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Please don't put stuff people don't want in their food. Besides personal beliefs there are health issues.
I sometimes eat meat but I can't eat eggs anymore after my first child. Ok I can eat them but I have terrible pain in my stomach for 2 hours after and must lie down. Maybe someone has this with meat.
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Gotta chime in on the vegan thing.

I worked for ten years at Dicks Last Resort, which was kind of a waiter's wet dream. Keith I wish you could go back in time and trade in all your waiter jobs for this one. We were allowed to curse and talk shit to customers and they talked back accordingly.

My favorite part of the job was playing pranks on people, one of which was "birthday coffee cake." If one of my tables had a birthday, without preparing anyone at the table, I would bring out what looked like a bowl of chocolate cake covered in whipped cream with a spoon sticking out and tilted just enough so you could see the cake center. I would tell the person that if they ate the whole thing in under a minute, I'd pay for their whole table's check. EEEEE!!

So as the entire table grew super excited, we all counted down from 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!... and the person would tear into this "cake" and inhale at least two whole swallows before realizing it was actually coffee grounds. Which we all thought was HIGHlarious. Until someone complained and I couldn't do it anymore.

They were really upset. Yes because they just got tricked into eating coffee grounds, but mostly,they said, because when you pay someone to make you food, you should be fairly confident that what you're getting is a chocolate cake and not a mound of coffee trash. That made sense to me.

Vegan ten-ish years. If I'm eating something in a restaurant that is supposed to be vegan and it's not then they're just assholes for stating that it is. All vegans are used to having one or two menu items to pick from in any given place so it's not a surprise if things aren't vegan. Why lie?
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"If you’re insisting on talking to people whose opinions you find shitty, stop being surprised."-- Chemda

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Loved the episode! Hannah was great.
I can only speak to Oklahoma DHS about adoption. We got booklets on possible children to adopt. It'd basic info about the child along with what they like to eat ect. Pretty much exactly like Hannah's bit at the top of the episode.
The creepiest part was going to adoption parties. Social workers would be with the children and prospective parents could interact with the children and ask the worker questions. The white toddlers would invariably have 2-3 couples huddled over the child. It was a cattle show.
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My (now) ex left his email open on my computer. I looked. I found out he'd gotten his ex pregnant. So yeah I shouldn't have done it but I don't regret it.
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