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2794: 10th Annual KATGuh Award Winners

The 2017 KATGuh Awards Ceremony featuring Best New Guest Tracey Carnazzo with Andrea Allan, Super Bowl conundrums, Keith’s all-new okCupid profile, and KATG Tattoo #146

Tracey Carnazzo

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When I did online dating I said I wanted a serious relationship. It worked.


Mr Apia does not have really close friends because he is really introverted. Do I like it? No. But I'm over questioning it.
I tried to " fix" him in the beginning of our relationship.
Niw i know its his life and he is happy.
He loves spending time with family and my friends but what he does for himself is playing guitar for hours.
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Tracey + Keith = 4Eva

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I'm all for it. But what's with her boyfriend?
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Wink Good Job, Chemda!


Since others have been writing in to say you should push harder on the sexual assault issues, I wanted to voice my opinion as well.

I have always thought you played the line extremely well between pushing the guest to examine their behavior, posts, outlook on the show without derailing the comedic undertone of the shown enabling you to move on when the time is right.

While I understand the listener who said that these topics should be discussed more vehemently/aggressively, I think that your approach of trying to understand their position (even if they are incorrect) and digging to their origin and thought process is interesting and enough of a "push" for the show. I believe they walk away considering their action more throughly then when they came in even if that is not abundantly obvious on the show.

Overall, bravo to you and Keith for holding your ground but allowing for the show to proceed without isolating the guest. We have all learned a lot from your introspection (especially your opinion regarding your own misinformed self misogyny from your upbringing, a take I have not heard before).

These are complicated issues, as you have pointed out and I believe you and Keith should handle them in the manner you have / feel is appropriate for the show opposed to what your listeners would like you to say or push for. You guys are the pros after all.

All the best in the new year!

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Smile Grouper

By the way, Chemda, Grouper is EXACTLY your group idea where it's 3 friends meet 3 friends. Since that was your idea and it's actually a successful app, you are on the right path to your yacht, you just gotta keep working on it!

I think SurveyDate could work though! Kind of brilliant and would be fun to setup a survey. You should contact your brother

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To the person who is doing foster care: My wife and I did it for years. Find a support group. Learn your rights as a foster parent. It will one of the most difficult things you'll ever do. Hit me up if you got questions.
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So funny. Loved it. I can see why she won best new guest.

It was almost like a female Lenny Marcus during the “dirty talk” sextion
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Tracey and Jo Firestone are my favourite new guests. I hope they are on many more shows
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I understand where you are at Chemda.

I had a lot of problems with the last guest, I could have made several posts about all he said I didn't like. But I don't want to be the angry man hating feminist on the forums. I don't want to push back so much that I'm dismissed because I'm always going on about something. I said a few things and left it alone. You juggle these same things and more. You worry about professional relationships, your show and the ability to keep booking guests. You worry about keeping listeners, knowing not many want to listen to you yelling at men every day.

Plus, it's fucking exhausting. It takes a lot of emotional energy and mental energy to push back and call out and argue with every stupid, misogynistic, problematic word that every guest says.

You both do great at standing up against abusers. You were calling people out and cutting them off and listening to women long before #metoo. Anybody who doesn't understand you guys are clearly on women's side and against sexual harassment/assault isn't listening well.

Keep questioning yourself Chemda, because that is where growth come from and what makes you especially wonderful. But dont question yourself so much that you think you are failing at your job/your activism/whatever. You are amazing and I love you and how much you push your guests and listeners to be better.
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