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View Poll Results: Do you cheat in games?
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2801: The Big Bad Wolf

with Andrea Allan and Julia Schachter – New show: Last Week on KATG; Jumanji remake back at #1; the allure of horror movies; Monopoly’s new version encourages cheating; catching loved ones cheating in games; good and bad sportsmanship; comedian Aaron Glaser’s rape allegations

Andrea Allan

Julia Schachter

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I think one of the big problems with OK Cupid is that people get to answer the questions themselves. For example, Chemda might think she is a good sport but her friends might see it differently.. so instead of getting an accurate answer, you get what the person considers themselves to be, or how they would like to be seen. So with the "good sport" question, you dont learn if they are actually a good sport or not, just if they consider themselves to be one. We should all be required to get our best friends to fill out those questions for us (or have it hooked up to a pulse detecter, so it can track your lies), otherwise its a wildly innacurate playing field. Most people are cheating on OK Cupid without even realising it!!

Hehe just imagine we could rate our interactions with people on the app, from both chatting and real life dates, and that would be reflected on their profile.. we would pretty much be inside a Black Mirror episode.. we are just one step away
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I don't cheat in games or in my relationship. I also try to be as honest as possible in my private and professional life. I don't even call in fake sick at work, because in my job this means I have to do all the missed appointments later.

But I cheated before on a former boyfriend.
I wanted to break up, he refused to accept it and I felt guilty for breaking his heart.
"My solution":
Getting drunk and having sex with someone else. At least then I knew there is no way back.
Worth it.
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i don't mind losing a game because i'm pretty terrible at most of them in, but, like, a super adorable way where we're all giggling anyway and having fun. it makes me an extra terrible winner. on the off chance i win some shit, you will never. not. hear. about. it. it stops being adorable and can reach upwards of obnoxious.

Monopoly, though, i cheat at like its my job. am i fairly obvious and not great at all and lose anyway? yeah, bitch. does that stop me? nah, son.

if i need a petty boost, i play a game with a kid. i have a simple rule in life: do not let kids win games on purpose. i think it's condescending to do so. it's important to do your best always even against someone objectively better. i will beat the snot out of a child and feel /great/ about it. or lose and be super gracious.

bottom line: don't invite me over.
Originally Posted by dannyhatch View Post
Maybe we should all smoosh our dicks together until the spirit bear tells us who's right.
Originally Posted by aunt_helen View Post
Laugh a little, chigger. The world is a fun place.
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People Cheat in Monopoly???

Hurts my heart...

As an aside, it was 80+ degrees in SoCal this weekend. Really difficult winter for us. Yesterday was mid 60s for a bit, I had to put on a light jacket - It was a rather upsetting experience.
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I am all with Keith on this. Cheating is cheating. Grabbing a house or using an app is pretty much the same. The only difference is that one is physical.
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I voted yes. Fight me! I'll cheat at that too lol
Would love to hear Chemda really shit-talk during a game.
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Although there really isn't a logical difference so much between cheating and ... cheating, I think the element of theft (taking the house on the sly) is what ups it in people's heads as worse.

I only cheat on the game of Bullshit, because for godssake it's called Bullshit. I like to hide all my cards up my sleeve or under my ass and play the correct card as if it's my last. Or stack all my cards underneath the card I play so if someone calls bullshit and turns over the top card it appears to be the right card and they have to take the whole deck. It's funnier to me the more cards that I'm able to hide in plain sight.

We've come up with specific rules to incorporate this kind of cheating and it makes it more fun.
"If you’re insisting on talking to people whose opinions you find shitty, stop being surprised."-- Chemda
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I play lots of games. I never cheat. I don't see the point of cheating in a game.

I run some large gaming events at conventions. I love to call out cheaters. I love to see that shame. In general, if an adult is caught cheating - people will just refuse to play with them.

When I was young - my friend Mike would cheat all the time at cards. When he would want to play, my friends and I would try and find the silliest way to cheat as a protest against Mike. One time in the middle of a game - my friend Jim is suddenly reading a bible (this was not normal behavior). Jim ended up winning. Later on I found out that Jim had stashed a second set of cards in the bible.
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Taunting and playful banter is what makes games fun.

I'm team slapping cards on the table and smack talking.

I've never cared enough about winning to cheat but I dont think cheaters are terrible people who cheat in all areas of their lives.
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