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I googled "chubby chase" but his face still came up.
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Originally Posted by LoopyLou79 View Post

BTW Everything Chemda said about the title of the podcast is so true. At first I was horrified but now I've listened to it for a while my initial assumptions couldn't be further from the truth. I do need that clothing thing as I have been wearing black leggings and fleece tops for at least the past ten years.

Glad you stuck around!

The clothing company (use code KATG) is

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Safe for work?

Originally Posted by Mermaid View Post
I googled "chubby chase" but his face still came up.
I'm reluctant to google that at work

Two things I know Chevy Chase from:

1. The Three Amigos (which if I could get my VHS tape to work would almost definitely not stand up to scrutiny)

2. Having to watch Caddyshack (nothing else on TV) whilst experiencing one of the handsdown worst cases of gastroenteritis I have ever experienced in my life.

Never seen Community
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Chevy Chase was a comedic genius. Until he wasnít. Then, (until now) heís a bitter and mean old man. Itís weird. I think he broke his brain with insane amounts of cocaine - in the 80s.

Thereís a great docu-comedy thing on Netflix called A Futile and Stupid Gesture. Joel Mchale plays Chevy perfectly and it talks about Caddyshack drug use on set and whatnot.

Chevy was brilliant in those early Lampoon movies/ SNL skits. Nowadays anything you see him in heís got a strange look in his eyes. Heís gained weight and aged poorly. Something happened to that guy. The funny is missing.
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My Dad had serious rage issues (not only road). Once (as he told it) he got into a situation with someone over some bullshit and they both pulled into a parking lot. They had words but no physical contact. My dad was so pissed that he kicked a box that was lying there. There was a car battery in it. Joke was on him as his car had a manual transmission, he had to drive home with a broken foot.
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Watch the Gloria Allred doc on Netflix. Not saying she'd be a good roast candidate but it made me cry all the tears. I def think she is misunderstood. She also seems to have a pretty decent sense of humor.
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When I was a teen I got so mad at my younger brother. I began to hit him. I started to get tunnel vision. Both my parents and my youngest brother had to pull me off of the middle brother. It scared me so much that I could lose control like that. It chilled me out. I have my daughters with me most times and I want them to learn how deal with emotions in a healthy way. So I don't get road rage because my children's safety isn't worth the vengeance.
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