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I'll do what any self-respecting scientist does and get someone else to do it and I'll report back my observations.
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Totally on Chemda's side, Keith online dating is one of the most entertaining things to happen to the show
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What happened to hearing about Keith being single again, what did I miss?

Was she too vulnerable from the turmoil in her parents home country?
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I didn't vote in the horse shit poll because clicking either of those would make it too real.

I was leaning towards shit eating before I heard Andrea describe touching a poop with her tongue and almost threw up.

I thought it was the most boring Oscars ever. I turned it off pretty quickly, Kimmel served up a snorefest of a monologue.

I also thought The Shape of Water was oversimplified, the story moved too briskly along. But it was gorgeous, the main character was likeable and interesting, and by the end I was invested in it and moved by the (predictable) ending.
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Originally Posted by skyelo View Post
What happened to hearing about Keith being single again, what did I miss?

Was she too vulnerable from the turmoil in her parents home country?
On What Do We Do Now? and Last Week on KATG, I explain that if one thinks everything is a joke, then nothing is a joke, and may one be not that of a fool to become a joke.
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On the subject of religion scaring (and scarring) kids: I went to Catholic school from the time I was 4 until I was 18. My parents never placed too much importance on religion and while they were Catholic, never attended church. I was sent to Catholic school because my mom worried about drugs and knives and guns in public NYC schools.

So I didn't get my paranoia about God and the devil and hell from my family. School though? Basically made me think everything I did was worthy of going to hell. I couldn't sleep at night as a kid because the shadows in my closet looked like the devil to me. I really thought these things were real. At the end of the year in elementary school, we'd sit and watch some animated Jesus adventures TV series for kids and we watched the episode about his crucifixion. That was some gruesome stuff and messed up to have kids watch. We were under 10 years old.

I still can't watch any horror movies about God and the devil. The Omen? Noped right out of that. No thank you. I'm an atheist mainly thanks to Catholic school.

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Venmo a bet? It seems kinda ridiculous. Isn't the point of a bet that all the money that was bet is in a pool that is then taken by the winner? Unless you work out some kind of casino chip system where you can venmo money and get chips you have to cash out at the end of the night venmo has no place in a bet. You always put money upfront in a bet, its common courtesy.

imagine going to the roulette table.
"$20 on black."
"Wheres your chip?"
"I don't carry chips, but I'll venmo you the money if I loose."
You'd be thrown right out.
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Originally Posted by Newsy View Post
Hilarious that you don't even acknowledge all the stuff said about you. That being said, Keith nitpicking movies is.. one has to remind oneself that everyone is entitled to have an opinion.

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Can we please focus on what's important here? And that's Keith's cum
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