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2821: 13 Years Down

with Andrea Allan and Tracey Carnazzo – 13 years of podcasting; David Eason fired from Teen Mom for homophobic and transphobic comments; giving gifts to ladies; soft and small dicks; Frances McDormand’s Oscar stolen; Trump’s fake Nobel Prize nominations and other lies he's told; Ben Carson buys $31,000 dinette set with taxpayer money; known homophobe and anti-Semite Rev. Billy Graham dies at 99; German village of Herxheim keeps church bell with swastika; Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz was adopted; FL Senator Kelli Stargel’s take on gun control; Minnesota toddler allergic to water; 2-year-old crushed by mirror in Payless store; daycare teachers drug their kids to sleep; self-driving cars are being tested

Tracey Carnazzo

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Old 03-07-2018, 08:01 AM   #2 (permalink)
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Happy 13th Anniversary!

Yay! 13th podcastiversary! (I see now why you don't call it that.)

However, I'm really gonna have to vote "no" on the Toddler Death Podcast spinoff. Thanks in advance.

OK, so, definitely cash, for small bets (what is 'small' is up to you -- maybe 20 bucks or something). An ex of mine was fond of trying to get people to do stupid stuff for a dollar. "I'll give you a dollar to eat that horseshit," they would say, and then search pockets and then turn to me and say "do you have a dollar I can give them". Me: "GODDAMMIT, you are not allowed to offer people a dollar for anything unless you have the actual physical dollar on your own person."

Wait, whaddya mean we're on to driverless cars now. GAH.

Tattoo #147 is now at the almost healed {{itchy-as-fuck}} stage, and you CANNOT SCRATCH A HEALING TATTOO. Therefore, once or twice a day I take a ruler and smack the bejeezus out of you both. It helps a lot. Thought you might like to know.

Happy 13th! Love!!
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I work for an insurance company and a few weeks ago I saw a claim from someone in a Tesla car that has a self driving feature.
The owner of the car had the car in self drive mode and was looking at his phone. The car malfunctioned and instead of coming to a stop, the car went into manual mode. Because the driver wasn’t paying attention, the car ended up running through a red light and caused a major wreck.

The other day I had to reset my phone because I switched the headphones from bluetooth to the wired/plugged in kind because my phone couldn’t figure out what was going on and glitched.

I don’t trust Siri to drive my car...
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How to win in the present game:

Get into a relationship with someone who doesn't care about presents and is bad in giving gifts.
Be mad and disappointed the first years and aks multiple times why he doesn't care. Listen to his answer. It is always: I don't know.

Now the important step: give up. Be grateful for everything else.

Decide as a couple to go on trips together as often as possible instead of gifts.
Read some studies that say investing in experiences is better anyway and plan your next trip to New York for KATG week.

Feel great and evolved.
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I died laughing at Tracey's comment about keeping a toothpick / splint by her bed.
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As an adoptive parent, thank you Chemda and Andrea. The form a prospective adoption fills out can be soul crushing. The list has behaviors or history that parents would accept or not. It includes things like AIDS, incest, and fire starting. For every 'no' I put down I realized that was a child who would be in the system longer or would age out.

We went with a private adoption for our youngest. She was our first. We got her at when she was 3 days old. We met her birth parents. They are incredible people and made such a difficult decision to give us Abby. I'm forever grateful for them. The day we took Abby we were with the birth parents. Everyone was crying. I had so much joy and so much sadness at the same time.

We got Katie, our oldest, when she was 4. It was through DHS. She had food hoarding issues because she wasn't fed as a baby. She still struggles with it bit it has abated for the most part. We never met her birth mom. She was 14 and couldn't meet her because she was a minor. I think Katie may have several siblings out there but who knows.

I can't imagine what it feels like to have a parent who gave me up or had the state take me away from my parents. I imagine that could create self destructive behaviors.

I just appreciate how you handled the subject. Aaaand I'm wrecked lol
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I'm never going to figure out this picture thing here.
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Happy 13 year anniversary! This podcast has helped through some dark times. Love the shit out of you guys.
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Stupid bitch referencing the Oklahoma City bombing.

After the Oklahoma bombing farmers were required at least for a while to get a special permit or license to by large quantities of fertilizer.
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Bear is terrible at gifts. like, real bad. it does not help that i am kind of awesome at gifts and also notoriously hard to shop for. it's been a small issue, i'm a person who loves big fuss and he's low key AF, bc it's made me feel like he doesn't know me (which is ridiculous) and it makes him feel anxious he's going to disappoint me which puts a real tension and pallor into a holiday; my birthday is coming up and i know he has to be shitting his pants right about now. what he started doing, that i love so much, is marking our occasions with perfume. i keep a list on Sephora, he picks one to add to my collection, then i wear it when we do things so when i wear it later i'll remember all those happy times together. we're darling!!!

as always, happy anniversary, babies!!! today also marks my 10th year as a listener. thank you for all the things. #love #gratitude
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Originally Posted by dannyhatch View Post
Maybe we should all smoosh our dicks together until the spirit bear tells us who's right.
Originally Posted by aunt_helen View Post
Laugh a little, chigger. The world is a fun place.
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The pictures of #katg13 are wonderful!
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