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Old 07-10-2018, 11:59 PM   #1 (permalink)
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2899: Dipshit w/ Ophira Eisenberg

The trapped and rescued Thai soccer team; Stephen King vs. President Donald Trump; the plastic ban; Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's groping allegation; Fred Rogers' negative side; yesterday vs. today; fraternities; The World vs. America; Israel steals Iran's clouds; giving up on your dreams; the dangers of lawn mowers

Ophira Eisenberg

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Love hearing Ophira on the show and all the Canada talk.

I remember watching that Rick Mercer show as a kid and thinking it was hilarious. Obviously as an adult now I'd take it with a grain of salt
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If you haven't read Ophira's book you really should, I'm talking to all of you.

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Lawnmower accidents

Back in college I dated a guy who had only one leg. His dipshit dad ran over it with a riding lawn mower.
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Favorite parental insult - antichrist. #IrishCatholic
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I took a Creative Writing class once. It was awful. The syllabus was go fuck yourselves. Followed by the professorís explanation that you either have the gift or you do not. I learned nothing and it put me in debt.

Stephen Kingís On Writing has some of the best advice, (as well as crazy drug stories like being so high on cocaine- he doesnít remember writing Cujo) as well as fascinating short stories of his childhood, growing up in New England.

Itís one of those books you hear about but never get around to. If you havenít; itís time you did. Great summer read.
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I have a friend (who is a giant deuche and actually not really my friend) who actually got kicked out of the frat he was trying to get into for having a gay/bisexual experience.

He was also a massive pervert and preyed on 19 yr old freshmen while also juggling a girlfriend who lived out of town and I’m almost certain he was trying to make me part of his circle of fuck buddies as his token gay.

There are a few other frat guys I’ve come across in my travels. Generally don’t approve.
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A friend of mines dad was drunk while driving his ride on lawnmower ( classy) and ended up loosing a toe and a few chunks.... Its amazing that there are people in the world who cant even be trusted with something as simple as a lawnmower.
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Old 07-12-2018, 08:25 AM   #9 (permalink)
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Retarded/birth defects=ďbiological funsies.Ē
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Just came here to express my embarrassment that from 1997 until I JUST WATCHED the YouTube with Ophira, I never knew that "Good Will Hunting" was a hunting for good will. I just thought Will was his name and he was good and I'm an idiot, great, thanks KATG!
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