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View Poll Results: Does a parental voice in your head still affect your decision making?
Yes 18 41.86%
No 25 58.14%
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2900: Subspace w/ Kevin Allison

Performing for your therapist; Risk! the book; dating much younger people

Kevin Allison

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I’m rather free from my parents voice.
But it’s better now anyway, now that I am an adult with a functioning life.
I got my share of unwanted and stupid advice in the past. Now my parents are wondering how my life turned out fine despite me not listening to them. I had several boyfriends, I waited until I was 33 to get married, I’m not trying to be especially sweet or quiet.
I have too many opinions and ideas.
I guess they give credit to their great genes.

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I want a montage of the guest responses when Keith tells people his dad was a catholic priest
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Grandparents are different. My Grandma Scanlin used to say "If you're thinking of doing something, and this little voice in your head is saying 'somebody might find out', it's probably wrong."

The wisest piece of advice I've ever heard.
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Andrea's latest Risk!
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The voice isn't so much in my head as it is me actually calling my parents to get their opinion on things.

I like my parents tho.
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I hate it but yes, even though I know its my life and my decisions I can still hear my mother in my head going "ugh" "no" "bad idea" "why" ect ect. I hate it, but we just have to remember to live our lives for ourselves. One day hopefully I will learn to ignore the voice
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my parents were and are still very positive and supportive about the things i choose to do even if they disagree with it. baby bird does no wrong in their eyes.

i have a mentor, however, who is terrifying and sets my bar really high all the time and i do see her disapproving face a lot when i do things i know aren't moving me forward.
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Just caught up on the silent trailers with the Kevin Allison episode.

These are so awesome. I just want to know how people are watching each of these episodes.

Do you keep your eyes closed and try to guess along with them?

Or do you watch the trailer and try not to fall out of your chair at Chemda's descriptions?

Seriously there are two episodes for the price of one! Aces ten.
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RISK! is on front page of today

I noticed his picture and thought Hey, that looks like Kevin Allison.

Here's the story:

Kevin Allison has an unusual strategy to turn his new book “Risk!” into a best seller.

People who preorder it can hear him sing their names off-key at the end of his storytelling podcast by the same name. One listener even snagged a birthday shoutout for her mom.

The book coming out Tuesday, whose stories range from kinky sex to kidnapping, is an extension of a nearly decade-old podcast in which ordinary people share secrets about their lives. Mr. Allison, a 48-year-old Ohioan turned New Yorker, is about to find out whether his roughly 1 million free downloads a month will translate into book sales.

“Risk!” is the latest book built on a podcast, a growing industry niche as publishers seize on the audio medium known for eclectic voices, relatively low production costs and fervent fans. After years of making YouTubers and social-media stars into authors, publishers are now doing the same for podcasters.
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