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View Poll Results: If I told you that either Keith or Chemda were just arrested, who was it?
Keith 2 4.08%
Chemda 47 95.92%
Voters: 49. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 10-05-2018, 11:40 AM   #11 (permalink)
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Andrea to Chemda: You think you're mild mannered?

I've never heard someone roll their eyes with their voice so perfectly

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I'm in the hospital in labor (which explains the IV). I'm listening to katg to keep me occupied and I hear this episode. Obviously i can relate to the person writing in about the scars on their arm. I dont know if they read the forums but I wanted to tell them: it gets better. Start wearing short sleeves, I understand anxiety about being judged is hard but the more you put yourself out there the better it gets. Eventually you wont notice people staring or wont care. It takes time but your scars are a part of your story and a part of you. I dont think about mine most days, like a birthmark that just is there, that once in awhile your like "oh it's that thing that is part of my body" and you go on about your day.

I know my scars might look different or people might not react the same to mine but in my experience people dont say anything or really notice. Doctors sometimes mention them of course and I had one lady at work tell me she thought they were "wrinkles" (I dont fucking know) people are to involved in their own lives to notice most of the time. I get more comments about my tattoo that covers a lot of then. If you want to get a tattoo and that's your thing, do it. I got my katg tattoo to remind myself that I dont need to self harm and there is a reason not to. It didnt stop me fully from cutting after that and that's ok, I'm not a failure for relapsing as long as I keep going. I haven't self harmed in years.

Point is, its just about accepting them and yourself, it doesnt happen overnight, give yourself a break. Like Chemda said, let yourself break down, cry, react to what people say and do, but dont give up.

(Also because I'm in therepy OF COURSE I have to suggest that. A theripist can help with accepting yourself and allowing yourself to know your self worth, you are more then just your scars)

Inbox me if you want to talk, if you see this or anyone else. I'm going back to listening to my favorite podcast and laboring this baby.

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They got an amazing mom.
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So I voted for (against?) Chemda on this one, but I do feel like I need to clarify. It's not her fault.

Yes, Keith has spent more time in jail. But in today's world who is more likely to get arrested?

Exhibit A: White male American (who kinda has a cop vibe)
Exhibit B: Middle-eastern woman who knows and asserts her rights

In stop-and-frisk New York.

That's a vote for Chemda scenario...sorry.
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