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3170: Cops w/ Reena Calm

Trump supporters; Reena vs. Tulsa; man wrongly convicted served 24 years in prison

Reena Calm

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The Landmark episode with Reena that we’ve referenced:
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As a life long Tulsan I absolutely hate that happened to Reena. Iím not surprised though. Oklahoma has an incarceration rate of 673 out of 100,000. Thatís the 2nd highest in the US.

Our medical marijuana laws are some of the best in regards to how much we can grow, possess and even where we can consume. If you have less than an ounce and are not a card holder your fine isnít to exceed $400. That officer was just being an asshole by not just charging her with possession or possession of paraphernalia. Itís all about the money.

I reached out to Reena and told her she can use my driveway if she ever has to come back here. Iíll also share my weed with her. It makes me so sad thatís how she was treated as a visitor to our city.
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When I got arrested for weed (almost 23 years ago) I had been pulled over for speeding (83 in a 65)

I was asked to step out of the car because I had longer hair and some items in my car that probably identified me as a 'dirtbag' (I didn't HAVE to get out of the car, I did it voluntarily when I was asked because I didn't know any better)

Next thing I knew the state trooper was digging under my seats and in the back and he found a film canister (pre digital camera age) that SMELLED like weed to him. It was 'empty' but some tiny flakes of shake were stuck to the inside. I was handcuffed and shoved into the squad car while he tossed the rest of my car. Dumb motherfucker never found the 1/8 oz of weed that was hidden near the steering column OR the pipe that was in a secret compartment of the console between the front seats.

So that's all they had on me. Trace amount of weed that was statically stuck inside the film can.

I was transported about 30 miles to the county jail while my car was left on the side of the interstate. When I finally was able to call someone to pay my $300 cash bail, it took about 5 hours to get that processed and be let out. I was issued a check for the cash that was in my wallet and walked out of the jail building in an unfamiliar city (small city ~25,000) at 8 pm. I had to spend that night homeless because I was young and had no credit cards nor any cash (it was December in northern Wisconsin, fucking froze. Overnight in jail would have been better)

At 9 am I walked into the bank as soon as it opened and cashed that check. I think it was about $60. I got something to eat at a shitty diner and looked in their phone book (!) to find a ride back to my car (they hadn't towed and impounded it but left it 30 miles away on the highway) When I called the local cab company they told me that their drivers were not permitted to leave the city limits (FUCK) so I pretended that I just wanted a ride to the mall or some bullshit. When the driver turned up I explained where my car was and told him I would give him all the money I had (A little over $50) if he'd take me down the highway where he wasn't supposed to.
It took some convincing, begging really, but he finally agreed.

Once I got back to the car the FIRST thing I did was pull out the weed and pipe the trooper never found and got high AF. I still had about 150 miles to drive back to my apartment at college.

Had all of this happened in the college town or even my hometown, the cop probably would have just given me the speeding ticket and a verbal warning or at most a small ticket for the weed canister. Since I was stopped by a state trooper in rural WI, they were going to throw the book at me. I was facing a 14-30 day jail sentence and $1,000 fine!

So I spent about $500 on a lawyer based in that town and got off with 1 year probation and forfeiture of the $300 bail money. I still had to go to my local probation/Parole office once a month and check in with my probation officer. He was actually cool and basically told me on the first visit that I had gotten fucked over and I didn't have anything to worry about as long as I didn't get arrested again during that year.

All that bullshit over a quantity of weed that wouldn't even register on anything other than a high precision scientific scale.

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Always excited about a show with Reena
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I hope her hint that she'll start a podcast (or something like it) comes to fruition soon.

Originally Posted by thirteen View Post
Always excited about a show with Reena
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