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3206: DreamHouse w/ Ophira Eisenberg

Apologies; the various Thanksgivings; hospice care and family death; Walmartís controversial Let It Snow Christmas sweater; service bees and fake complainers; THEY is 2019ís Word of the Year

Ophira Eisenberg

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what a rough 2019 for our dear Ophira
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I love her so much, Ophira is a such an incredible person ❤️
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I always love hearing Ophira. Iím sorry that she had such a terrible year.

Hospice is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone who is terminally ill (other than the right to die). Iíve had the hospice talk and referred to hospice many times. It is a little bit easier on my need because my folks are older but people still fight it sometimes. The death panels thing didnít help. Most often it is the persons loved ones that need the convincing versus the person, who usually, not all the time, has accepted their fate. A lot of people see it as giving up, when in reality it is preserving a quality and comfortable life at the end versus going through painful procedures and surgeries to only add maybe a few years.

Being in this field, I have seen some patients graduate from hospice. We call those folks atomic. My grandpa was like that. Had bacterial meningitis and given 50/50 chance to live, had multiple heart attacks, a stroke, broke both hips. It got to the point that we became numb to it and when he finally passed I almost didnít believe it.

The rally right before someone dies is so damn hard because it makes people question their decision. Iím not sure the science behind it. I know some people do wait until all of their loved ones have come to say goodbye.

The service dog thing-I have veterans who have legit need for these specially trained dogs. There have been incidents at our hospital where someone claims to have a service dog attacks an actual service dog. Emotional support animal is different as they donít need as much training. If you are going to stretch the truth about your dog, please make sure they are well behaved because legit trained service dogs are expensive and if something happens to them, that person is screwed.

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