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3621: Proof

Keith and Chemda want to discuss your children. They’re talking school, drugs, sex, guns, and Rick and Morty. Cheers!

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I never fired a gun.
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50:49 Chemda asks if the people on set thought it was a fun time with guns.

My anecdote to this is, yes. They most likely thought this. I was in high-school with my friend and we went to visit his friend and his family in the middle of bumfuck rural riverside, ca. I just hung out while they talked, and I'll never forget this. They were talking about the pistols they owned and how each one fires differently. And then the dad said something to effect of, "oh yeah that's a fun one to play with."

I get it guns are cool, I get the attraction to them, I've fired them and instantly felt like a badass. I walked away fearing them. I respect them for what they are and have no wish to ever use them or ever refer to them as something to play with. I feel like this is what happened on that set. People were playing with them, getting high off that power you feel when you shoot. And someone fucked up and someone died because of it.

Alec Baldwin is as responsible as the armorer if not more because it was HIS production and HIS job site. He failed in a leadership capacity in keeping people from being so casually flippant about guns on set.

The responsibility falls on him. He should get more time than the armorer. And yes the armorer is guilty too. They should have been more careful.

I hope the family of the deceased takes them for everything they own.

Also... fuck Justin roiland, no talent same voice for every fucking character you voice face ass, that mf is a pedo. I knew there was something wrong with him.
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Chemda has probably saved herself from her knee pain by cycling. Doctors usually advise people with knee issues to do exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee to support it. I hope your knee continues to be strong, dear Chemda.

Saying this as my knee is aching away… maybe I need to get the ol’ bike out too.
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One more vote for cycling. You move the knee, it’s low impact, the weight isn’t all an the knee.
I think this made a huge difference.
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Always check the gun chamber

When I was a kid playing with toy guns and BBguns my dad who lived in Alaska for several years made sure us kids understood gun safety. My nephew has nerf guns and I pass on those same lessons about gun safety. Rule #1 is know where your ammo is. Is there a round in the chamber? How many rounds in your clip? How many shots until you have to reload?

Fast forward to me as an adult, having plenty of experience working with blanks during training exercises. You train as if it is live ammunition AND your blanks are marked differently to identify them from live rounds. Whenever you give a weapon to someone else you check the chamber to expel the round that’s chambered and if you’re handed a weapon first thing you do is check the chamber - even if you just saw the other person clear the chamber - you do this so you can ensure you know what is in that chamber at all times. Same questions run through your mind like a checklist, is it the right ammo, is there a round in the chamber? How many in the clip? How many until I have to reload.

Bottom line is they SHOULD have had safety mechanisms in place to ensure the person handing off a weapon confirms it is the right ammo (blanks should be marked differently as a safety check) and the person taking the weapon should also check. Chances are none of these safety protocols were in play and the death of the person is a horrible accident BUT I would hope the industry uses this horrible outcome to implement very easy checks. It takes less time to check the chamber than it did for me to type this chat post.

it’s a person peeve when people don’t exercise firearm safety. It only takes one bullet to destroy so many lives. The person shot, the person who accidental shot them, and everyone who witnessed it. Not to mention the families - so many people impacted by a single bullet….pointless
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I’m assuming they have sufficient evidence to charge Alec since it took so much time for the charges to come forward. Like others have said-since it was his production company and people had brought up concerns about safety-I can see how he would be charged as well. Sadly I see him getting a slap on the wrist and the armor getting jail time.

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Damn, I really should put the Downfall video on my resume. It's probably the best thing I've ever done, which is both making me super big-headed but is also a little depressing.

I work in video games. Everything I've ever worked on put together probably didn't get the numbers that video got.
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Rick and Morty fired Roiland and are replacing him with other voice actors. So dope!
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Whoever approved live ammo on the set OF A MOVIE should be charged with man slaughter. There is zero excuse to ever have live ammo on set.
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