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Daddy Issues Ken and Keith Malley reminisce on Dad

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Old 06-29-2020, 07:02 PM   #1 (permalink)
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6: Leaves

Dad informs Ken that Dad will die in 4 months - the end of October 2020. Keith writes Dad to let him know he just received the shocking news.

Keith Malley

Ken Malley

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assisted living is dope! it gives folks more independence than a home; she’d have her own little suite, there are common spaces, transportation to doctors visits and activities. she could get away from Jingles, make friends, have a church community right down the hall. my heart aches for Mama Malley. she doesn’t have to wither in isolation.
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currently listening to the episode. what are the chances Father Malley tried to off his wife? he provides too many details for not having witnessed what happened.
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Old 07-02-2020, 12:07 PM   #4 (permalink)
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Geriatric social worker here-yíall already know he is full of shit but to provide some evidence

- Assisted living is usually the in-between place before Nursing homes. There are many senior communities with different levels of care with this in mind: Independent (usually a House/condo), assisted living (apartment with ala cart services) and then nursing home.

-assisted living places depending on city can range from $1500-4000 a month. Some include services in that price, others have the rent and services separate.
- assisted living is a great option for people who do not have a lot of medical needs yet but need to be reminded to take their medications and have someone check on them every day. ALFs usually have a fantastic social element with activities and outings available to keep people engaged.
- There typically isnít any public funding/grants available to help with cost of ALF unless they qualify for a Medicaid waiver/get services through the VA.
- nursing homes can be up to $5k a month. They cover everything in that price-bathing, housekeeping, food, doctors appointments, medications etc. This is typically for people who are medically unable to take care of themselves at home and their medical needs cannot be addressed anywhere else. Also for people with severe dementia who wander/have significant behaviors.
- yes a lot of things shut down during COVID but as you said-he doesnít have friends so it wouldnít be an issue.
- depending on the state there are state programs that can help pay for nursing homes. Many states have a non-poverty standard which basically states that they canít impoverish a spouse in order to cover nursing home costs. Medicaid Is usually what covers the costs. Medicaid is income dependent and would require him giving all kinds of financial information which Iím sure he will refuse to do. I fear that you guys are going to find a lot of financial surprises whenever he finally dies.
- quick google searches for both nursing homes and assisted living in Johnstown pulled several results. Amazing that he could find the dirty meaning behind 86 but not the super quick and easy search on the above for his wife.
- a doctor can determine if she lacks capacity to make decisions very easily. He can get guardianship after that-he would have to go through the court which would cost money. Heís probably thinking of Power or Attorney which is where she could have voluntarily signed a document stating that if she canít make decisions then he can on her behalf. It sounds like her memory is too bad for her to be able to do that at this point.

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Autumn leaves

When Ken read the lyrics I knew that I knew them from somewhere, and remembered a techno song I've been grooving to since high school, where the only lyrics were "But I miss you most of all, my darling, when autumn leaves start to fall" It never occurred to me that it was an excerpt from an old song, but all good techno is that.

Way Out West - The Fall
Minute 1:24

Thanks Mr.Malley!
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Maybe your father follows Laurie Killmartin. ( haha)
She put her mother ina nursing home, 9 days later the mother was dead by Covid.
Book her on the show again please. Laurie I mean.
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