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K so I grew up in Myrtle Beach sc and my whole family lives there and my best friend who I grew up with and her whole family too.

There’s a mandatory evacuation and they aren’t leaving. None of them.

Having grown up in MB you never really think a hurricane is going to do more than blow over some trees and give cause for a party where you can fly kites in the storm and have fun playing cards n shit by candle light. There is a big false sense of security in that major storms rarely happen.

I was there for Hugo in 1989 and the damage was unbelievable. I saw a tornado. I found starfish on my street 8 blocks away from the beach.

I asked them one by one “why are you staying?” And all of them, every one of them, believes that the news is hyping this way out of proportion and that it’s not going to do real damage. They aren’t worried about the flooding, they’ve all said they’re above flood levels, and their various houses have sustained major hurricanes their whole lives. My brother is staying four miles inland and my best friend and her family are at the top of a small hill about ten blocks back from the beach. My
Mom and her family live in a garbage swamp near the intracoastal waterway.

This one feels different because I have never seen this kind of media attention so far in advance of a hurricane that didn’t do major damage, and also the sheer size of it and the fact that I’m all the way over here in Texas and it’s all the news is showing, this all is really scaring me.

Is there anyone here who is out there and can verify that they’re way over hyping it? Somehow my family members think they’re hurricane experts overnight and that this is really not a big deal. Am I being silly?
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My sister lived in Key West for 8 years and towards the end they had some pretty active hurricane seasons.She evacuated multiple times only to come back to very limited damage.

Finally she said "fuck it, I'm not leaving, everything's going to be fine"

Her car was totalled by flood waters. She was trapped in her bathroom for 3 days while the storm raged. The whole neighborhood was basically destroyed and lost power for 3 weeks.

The next spring she sold her condo and moved back to the midwest.

I think it's easy to get lulled into a false sense of security after a few times of nothing really happening.
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Anytime there’s a mandatory evacuation, it’s probably a thing.
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Well shit
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