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Old 07-23-2010, 04:35 PM   #21 (permalink)
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Hope your nose feels better!

Being agnostic and the boyfriend being atheist, it's awkward when I eat dinner at my little sister's house as they pray before dinner. It's not TOO awkward because the prayer is simple, quick, and sung by my adorable nephew and niece.

EDIT: I hit the damn button too quick haha.

I think as long as you don't feel like they have any ulterior motives, it's sometimes best to let it slide. Prayer used to be very comforting to me (one of the only parts of being religious that didn't fill me with guilt), so it might have been her default in comforting.

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I think you were the most polite you could be in that situation. As an atheist, you can believe there is no god but you don't have to take a stand against believers whenever you're confronted with one. I'm an atheist and I personally find it to be super nice whenever someone wants to pray for me, or my family, or wishes me a blessed day or whatever. I don't take offense because I just take it as a sort of thumbs up to me and my day and my life, and that's nice anyway you can get it.

Now if people ask me to pray for them, I simply tell them that I wish them well and to let me know if there's a way I can help, but don't make that a discussion my atheism either. Sometimes I even pray with people if I'm over for dinner and they happen to pray at a meal. I'll hold the hand or whatever. It's just a nice gesture, and I don't see it as fake. I am open about my belief, but allow people to include sentiments about me in their practice of their beliefs if they want.

I think militant atheism is strange.

oh yeah, i hope you feel better!

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You did the right thing, it's not like you deceived her in any way. Actually, I'm impressed that she asked ahead of time.
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I think you did the right thing. That lady was probably trying to offer whatever help she could, and that's what she had available to her. You accepted it graciously, and now she feels like she did a good deed.

Originally Posted by bocorican View Post
I think militant atheism is strange.
Me too. Atheists who are so judgmental and mean to believers are just as annoying as religious nutbars who are judgmental and mean to non-believers.

I'm not an atheist, but I'm also not a Christian. I still think it's nice when my Catholic grandma tells me she prays for me, and I thank her when she tells me 'God bless you' on the phone. She never tries to impose her beliefs on me, and even though she knows I live with my boyfriend, and that I'm not a good christian, she's still sweet and nice to me, and that's really all I care about.
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Just think, today you did a good deed for someone by allowing them to pass along their perception of faith and comfort. I think the gesture was lovely and causes no one any harm.
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I pray for each of you everyday.
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If it makes you uncomfortable, tell her so. If not, let her pray. I occasionally eat dinner with pre-dinner prayers. I just sit there silently until they are done. I find that less awkward than sticking my fingers in my ears and yelling "nanernanernaner" until they finish.
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Old 07-24-2010, 10:03 PM   #28 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by picard102 View Post
How does it hurt your beliefs if someone prays?
yea. Serious.
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When my grandfather died I was about 16 and had just realised I was an atheist, is there a better name for that? Like Born Again but for non-Christians?
Anyway lots of people while he was sick or at the funeral would say they were praying for us. I thought it was nice. In my mind I replaced "praying for you" with "thinking of you". And I think even if you believe in nothing at all its always nice to have people thinking nice thoughts for you.

When I go to a church for a wedding or have dinner at someone's house who prays I just bow my head and sit quietly until its done. I go to a 12 step meeting and we say the Serentity Prayer at the start of meetings, if I'm not hosting I just don't say the "God" at the beginning of the prayer, if I'm hosting I have to say it because that's how everyone else knows its time to start saying it but it doesn't really bother me.

I think it was really sweet of that woman to stop and help you and to offer to pray for you. Even if you don't believe its still nice to have someone think good thoughts and it was a nice way to repay her kindness by letting her.
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They don't care that you are a non believer, if you had told her that she would have just prayed for you harder in hopes that you will "find the light" one day.

With all the shit that comes with Religion in history I think at times a lot of people can forget that the majority of them are just good and kind people, its just their equivalent of your friend wishing for you to get well.

Also, did you blow out your kneecap, that happened to me once and that hurt like a Mofo so much wishes for your leg to get better.
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