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Dennis Leary stars in it - it's more of a mental case, but it deals with alternate realities and futuristic weird, scientific experiments and other shit.

It does have a coherent ending, and plot.
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Jacob's Ladder.

kinda sorta.
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Seconding the Theatrical Cut of Donnie Darko. The director's cut is oversimplifying and ruins the ending.
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Originally Posted by RoundAbout View Post
Mullholland Dr.

Also it's a bit different but I kind of liked a movie called Stay with Ewan McGregor and... some other famous people.
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I had a ton of fun trying to dissect Donnie Darko. I just watched it the other day, actually. Originally I watched the theatrical cut, then dug through the website, then did a bunch of reading, then saw the director's cut, then listened to the commentaries. In the end, I'm pretty sure that the guy who made it didn't know what the fuck was going on, because he contradicts himself like a motherfucker.

I kind of see the Donnie Darko story as 3 or so potential stories, but there's no way to really nail down which one is definitively the story that happened. The two versions of the movie lean in different directions, and in different ways I like them both. But don't go into it expecting to ever come to a clear conclusion, 'cause anybody who says they understand Donnie Darko is a liar! LIAR!!!

But man, that's a cool movie. Even just taken as a metaphor for being a wacked out teenager, it gets the tone spot on.

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