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Originally Posted by PFT View Post
can you guys just pm each other?
or tell me how to make it so i never have to see a thread
Don't click on the thread link.

Any other written instructions you need?
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Originally Posted by BrownEyedBtch View Post
I know I have said this before, but people think striking out means they are shitty people who don't deserve to date anyone. You will strike out. You will fail. You will get shut down. Everyone gets rejected at some point. It is a fact of life. If you cannot accept that you will fail sometimes, then you will continue to take every rejection as a personal hit, and your self-esteem will never improve.

If you take every experience, good and bad, and learn something from it, then you will ultimately have what it takes to attract anyone. Was your last approach good, but the timing was bad? Was the attraction purely physical, even though you kept holding out hope for more? If you forgive yourself for the things that did not go right in the encounter and try again, you will be successful. If not, you will be doomed to singlehood forever because you will it to be that way.

Also, the expression "be humble in victory and gracious in defeat" goes for courtship. If she says she is not interested, still be nice and tell her to have a nice day. If you call her a cunt for turning you down, you won't even get the intro conversation next time. Be a lady or a gentleman.
this is all very true as brown eyes is very wise. but i would add to it that as long as your giving value and not trying to receive it there are no bad experiences. place no dependence on the outcome as your only goal is to bring some joy into there lives. if they react negatively to that then congratulations this person is messed up and is someone you definitely dont want in your life (much like pft) but as brown eyes says be polite and just smile at them and wish them good day.
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