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Old 08-21-2019, 05:15 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Some dating advice please!

I've been having issues trying to plan a second date with a guy ever since we first met and I really enjoyed talking with him. From our previous interactions and the first date I found his personality to be really awesome. We liked the same things with some variations and he seemed genuinely interested in me which is always a plus when trying to date now. But everything has been going weird since that first date and now I'm thinking maybe I should call it quits. Or perhaps he's just an awkward individual that's shit at planning dates? lol so please help me decide which one it is.

I asked him to come to a meetup I go to with random people in my area to play board games. He told me no: "going to board game with people you don't know is weird." When I questioned him, because he said he liked board gaming he then said: "I thought we were going to be playing with your friends. And I just want to spend alone time with you." To me this seemed like a red flag. Why would he feel weirded out playing with my friends if that were going to be the case? It wasn't in this situation since this is an open meetup group but either I feel he worded this weird or he's not actually the person he seemed to be from our first interaction.

I did push past that weirdness and tried to ask to go on different dates such as to a restaurant, movie, bowling, etc. He vetoed all those ideas and kept saying he didn't have any free time on my days off work. The only time he had free was on a day I told him I was spending with friends at a beach. I said maybe when I get back we could eat dinner, but I wasn't all too certain of the time just because the beach is several hours away and traffic can be bad in this area over the weekends. He then said: "I'm just trying to make this work." As if I were the one vetoing every date idea he suggests and we were already in a relationship that seemed to be falling apart lol. His only suggestion was for me to come over to his place to play video games, which I feel highly uncomfortable doing after only meeting someone once in person.

Out of the last thing I could possibly think of to do for a date that he hadn't already said no to I suggested we go to a pub in my area after my work as I know the area well and they have really great food. He loved the idea of a bar, but insisted I come to meet him in his area and that I treat him...I told him I was fine covering my own food but I budget and don't have any roommates. My job pays ok enough for me to be frugal. I leave my ac on 80 during the summer frugal But ultimately he's gotten mad at me and said: why should i come to your area and not be treated? I ended up apologizing and saying I could meet him at his area and cover my food or even in between where we both live and cover myself, but I really can't cover him and me.

But at this point I'm thinking maybe it's not worth it. I was holding on to the idea he may just be awkward as fuck over messaging and his in person personality is actually great, because it is so hard to meet someone that is actually into the things I am and wants to go on a date for some reason! But if I'm just hanging on because it's hard to meet someone like that, perhaps he's not truly worth it and I'm just setting myself up for more anger and frustration down the road. But what do you guys think? Is he worth this much hassle to get a second date or should I just say: hey I think it's been a struggle to plan this, not sure you're truly into me at this point let's call it quits.
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Kill them.
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Thank you. I feel like it shouldn't be hard either. I'll just let it slide and hopefully I can meet someone who makes an effort to have a second date in the future
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Run and block their number. Then delete that number.
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