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what's the weirdest injury you've ever gotten?

i was thinking of this weird thing that happened to me when i was in high school today when i saw the scar on my finger and thought i'd share what a freak accident it was and see what kind of crazy injuries you guys have gotten.

i worked at an ice cream stand in high school with a bunch of my friends and one time we found a santa claus mug at the ice cream stand and just to be stupid, i smashed the mug outside in the parking lot, just right in the middle of an ordinary conversation. it was really hilarious and my friend went to the thrift store the next day and bought some random ceramic stuff (an owl, a clown, a geisha) and brought it to work that night. after work we had a ceramic smashing extravaganza which, at the time, was the funniest thing ever (i don't know why. i was 16. and i guess seeing the head pop off a ceramic geisha and roll across a parking lot is kind of funny...). when we came to the grand finale, a shiny ceramic clown, my friend threw it onto the parking lot and the head broke off but the body stayed intact. i picked up the body and threw it but the jagged edge where the head used to be caught on my right index fingertip and pretty much sliced off a big, deep hunk of finger. i didn't realize how deep it was at first but we went in to the bathroom to wash it off and when the water hit it and washed enough blood off to see it, i realized it was pretty bad. we couldn't get it to stop bleeding so we called the fire station that was about a mile away and asked if it would be okay/necessary for us to stop by so somebody could help me bandage it up (the band-aids from the first aid kit were not cutting it...). they responded by sending a firetruck, sirens and all, with 4 firemen to the ice cream stand. they patched up my finger and we gave them a bunch of free ice cream.

now my right index finger pretty much has no fingerprint because it's all scar where it got sliced off. and it still hurts to press on it, even though this happened about 6 years ago.

photographic evidence:
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Scars or injury?

I have a reaction to an injury that is just silly.

When I was 14 I worked at Wendy's and I was hostess and part of that was prepping the salad bar. the veggie cutter was broken, so I held the press down with my hand, it slipped and ripped off about what sounds like the same of your index finger.

I was in quazi passed out state, and the manager asked me if I timed out, instead of even asking if I was okay or whatever.
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When I was about 8, my family were roasting marshmallows around the coleman bbq on the back porch in the summer time. My marshmallow lit on fire and I began frantically waving my straightened coat hanger about trying to put out the flames. The flaming hunk of sugary goodness flew off the end of the coat hanger and landed on my right hand, still burning. I screamed and ran like an idiot with my dad chasing after me with a glass of water. He knocked me down and put out my hand, and I have a surprisingly small scar there now.
Originally Posted by Keith View Post
This idiot's on your side, Danny.
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They're not weird so much because the situations are
but because they're completely inexplicable.

I often find gashes or cuts of bruises or bumps
on me...that have no explanation.

I remember one day I was like 12
and I was walking to my grandma's house.
When I got there after a while I had to use the bathroom
and when I took my pants off, I noticed a long, kinda deep scratch
along my idea where it came from.

At the moment I have a bump on my left arm...I don't remember hitting it against anything, but it's there.

A week or two ago I found a little gash on my foot. My foot had been hurting for a while when I was I figured there's a pebble or thorn in my shoe so I took it off to see. And there was a little gash that wasn't bleeding but it apparently had been for a little far as I know I didn't cut myself on anything...but there it was.

When I say it happens "often"
I'd say about one unexplained minor injury
every month or two.

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I'm not often injured (I'd like to say it's because I'm like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable but it's probably more to do with my stereotypical aversion to sport) but it does remind me of a friend from High School.

We called him 'Stringy' because his surname was 'Stringfellow' and, geniuses that High School kids are, the majority of nicknames were shortened surnames with a 'y' tacked on.

Anyway, one day after Maths, while Stringy was walking down the many stairs to get lunch, his knee gave out for no known reason.

With his newly dislocated knee, he did what most people would do in that situation and fell over.

After falling down the stairs, Stringy looked to me - his closest friend - for help. I lent over, moved close so he could hear me in his state and said 'Slinky'. It's been his nickname since.
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When I was 9 I was in a youth golf program that had a tournament at the end of the season. In that tournament I was walking away from the second tee box with my group after hitting our drives. The group following us started practice swings in preparation for their turn. One kid made the royally stupid mistake of teeing his ball up while he was doing his practice swings. He accidentally hit his ball just as I turned my head to look back at the tee box. I was maybe 30 yards away from him when his tee shot hit me squarely in the mouth. My bottom teeth bit through my bottom lip. I was bleeding profusely. I left the tournament, but my 9 year old self decided I was in good enough shape to hang around the pro shop and eat hot dogs until my mom came to pick me up at the normal time.
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In h.s. I burned myself on a pizza oven, because I was rushing and didn't want to wait for it to cool. It's only weird because it's this huge raised scar on my arm in the exact shape of the bolt that held the doors on.

My bf stabbed me once...totally on accident. He was holding a knife and I got super excited as I was telling a story and made this sweeping motion with my hand. I got stuck right in my palm and it bled like crazy. It was like 8 years ago, and I still delight in saying "What? You gonna stab me again?"
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Originally Posted by flerchin View Post
When I was about 8, my family were roasting marshmallows around the coleman bbq on the back porch in the summer time. My marshmallow lit on fire and I began frantically waving my straightened coat hanger about trying to put out the flames. .
:O my story starts out just like this! Except instead, my palms were sweaty so the wire hanger slid across my palm and the burning marshmallow went straight to my eye. Flaming marshmallow on my eye (closed, but still)
I don't even remember how it got put out. Just that my eye hurt and I didnt roast anymore that night.

Another time, my neighbors were being idiots and lighting their skateboards on fire using a spray can of nitro my brother had. After a while, they said they couldn't figure out how to work the lighter and asked me to help. I should have known better, but I went to help and as soon as I had the lighter working, there was a gigantic flame ball rushing towards/on my head. I ran in the house screaming straight for the shower. turns out it was just the tips of my eyelashes, my left eyebrow singed, and all my left arm hair gone. Not to mention a few strands of hair burned shorter. Wasn't such a big deal, but it really had me frightened.

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Just last April (08) I was having a glass or 2 of wine on my balcony with a friend of mine. My friend went inside to use the phone.

I got up to use the bathroom and when I did i accidently kicked the table that the wine glass was on. Which cause the wine glass to tip over and fall.

With in just a moment I went to catch the wine glass. As I did the bottom stem of it was on the ground, I was in mid catch when I slipped. I get up put the glass part on the table. Looked down and there was the whole bottom of the wine glass sticking out of my jeans. I pulled the stem out, which went through my jeans, and blood started gushing. I look down and the bottom part of my jeans were all blood.

I go into the bathroom, wash it out and put a towel on it. Once I had the nerve i looked to see the damage. NOT GOOD.

Any way i put some gauze and tape on it. Went back to the balcony, had another drink or 2 and went to bed. Never went to the dr. or anything but probably should have. It was about a 1" puncture wound right in the meaty part or you calf. eww

It is a great scar, I tell people i was shot.
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burned my hand silly last year after coming home drunk one night and attempting to pan fry me up some spring rolls.

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