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Middle school was just awful. I mostly got called Chia-Pet or Mufasa because my hair was puffy and frizzy. Sometimes Sailor Chiptooth (Got that fixed before high school.) I didn't wear name-brand shoes or clothes so I got picked on for wearing "BoBos". A few bullies wanted to beat me up because I "didn't act black". I avoided fights by hiding in the library during lunch, and made friends with people in the grade below me.

It also didn't help that I was a crybaby and a teacher's pet though... :/
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Originally Posted by Nitara View Post
I can't stand hearing a parent say something like, "I don't think kids should fight back, because it won't solve the problem." I agree that fighting doesn't solve anything, but neither does standing idly by and doing nothing.

One day there will be a time when parents, teachers, or principals won't be around. What then? If children can't stand up for themselves now, imagine how much harder life is going to be when they're adults.
I've been following the case of the girl who killed herself after being bullied. I remember reading something where someone made a good point about bullying. If this behavior were to happen in the workplace, that person would probably be fired for harrassment. Why do we then just tell kids to suck it up and get over it? By saying "kids will be kids," we dismiss this behavior as acceptable, and allow kids to think there are no consequences to their actions.

I don't know that I was ever a bully necessarily, but there were moments when I was an asshole and thinking I was funny. I would cross the line in picking on them, but I didn't mean to hurt them. I knew I had a crass sense of humor but did not understand where to draw the line. Once I realized I had hurt someone else's feelings I felt bad, but didn't understand the value of an apology or how to properly apologize (which I think echos Marina's sentiment). By the time I was a senior in high school, I had friends in every crowd, so I was neither the bully or the bullied. I just learned to be nicer, but still had a good sense of humor. Even today, I can be crass, but know better about where the line is and do my best never to get too personal.
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I was never bullied at my high school but in elementary school I was teased because apparently I thought I was "perfect." I paid attention in class, got good grades, I was a know-it-all but quiet, walked with my nose in the air and was horrible at sports. When anyone tried to bully me I acted like they smelled like poop or weren't worth my time, and this tactic seemed to work. But looking back, I should have been more teased, actually. Little brat.
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Old 05-31-2010, 03:02 PM   #104 (permalink)
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My mother worked at the the school I went to so there was a rumor going around that the reason I got straight As was because the teachers were friends with her. I was a B and C student...
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I was tortured in elementary school because I was a tomboy... I had short hair and wore baggy clothes. I remember the older boys on my school bus beating me up and the bus driver never did anything about it. I constantly came home with bruises crying. I was also made fun of cause my last name was Babee (pronounced bah-bee) but everyone cleverly called me baby or bambi. I always stuck up for myself though, my parents encouraged it and I'm glad they did because it made me a much stronger person today. Kids are mean little fuckers!
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Originally Posted by DWarrior View Post
If I came from old money, I'd totally have a butler. Unfortunately, I don't think I can ever be in a position where hiring one wouldn't look pretentious. Stupid american culture
I would go for it. I have a house cleaner, window cleaner and a laundry person ...... Butler? only if I had serious cash ....

back on the bullying / made fun of. Guy at my school when I was 11 bullied me and occasionally stole from me. This didn't last long thankfully as I had good friends who were real animals and total hard cases, but not good at first. That was back in 1974.
I saw him at an engagement party around 15 years ago, he had just come out of prison *again*, he's back in again, last time I saw him he looked 20 years older than he should, all drug related hassle. It's called Karma I'm told .......
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DYKE! With stooopid hair ofc.
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I was tormented in middle school for being gay. High school was pretty good, though.
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