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I was a dork in early high school. I would make fun of myself too if i traveled back in time and met myself.

I would give myself a wedgie. And maybe blow myself, just for fun.

But then i became a metalhead. Joining a group helped. We were still made fun of but we thrived on the outsider thing.
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Oh, I was called a garden variety of things: Fag, faggot, pussy faggot, skinny faggot, geek, nerd, geek monster, dork, lerch and of course ugly.
I was told I talk like a girl, walk like a girl, I hold my books like a girl, I AM a girl.

While this was of course, traumatic as all get out, getting my ass romped regularly was much worse. One particularly defining moment in my life was when this large African American gent (I was often one of the few honkies) rolled up his shirt and he came behind me on the bleachers (I am a pussy, remember, so I didn't 'dress-out' for gym so I could sit out and not play any yucky sports.) and he put his knee in my spine and strangled me with a shirt. He asked "Can you breathe?" and when I said no, he said you must be able to breathe, or you couldn't talk." So he continued strangling me until he tired of it, or until it no longer got laughs.

Well, I told on him, got him suspended for a few days then he REALLY hated me.

Don't cry for me though, folks, I too, am capable of cruelty.

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Originally Posted by GossipTGirl View Post
Why couldn't you see who was doing it?
Were you sitting at the front of the class and getting hit from behind?
Or something else?
I couldn't see who was doing it because I'm blind.
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Originally Posted by DWarrior View Post
According to Blogger, yes.

Nitara: do you have software that reads the forums? How do you deal with having to read all the people's dumb signatures every time?
I use a mac. There's a screen reader on it called voiceover. It reads the text on the screen out loud. As for people's signitures, I just skip over them.
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Originally Posted by punk'n View Post
The 7th grade boys named me the head of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Assholes.
prove them wrong now w/ a pic
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I've been bullied for being the fat kid.
In 6th grade there was a kid that had a good foot and a half on everyone and was a lot fatter than me that picked on me. We always played touch football during recess, and after months of him teasing me I decided to chop block him, when he hit the ground he split his lip open. He left me alone after that.

The next year I went to a new school and got a new bully. This kid would sit behind me and during class thump me in the back of the head, and kick me in the side. This probably went on a couple weeks (I was a pussy. I could verbally fight, but not physically) finally I did fight back, sort of. The next time he kicked me, I grabbed his shoe. Like a lot of kids at the time he wore hightop sneakers with the laces loose. With the teacher facing the board I pulled the kids shoe off and hurled it at the teacher. The kid got a week of in school suspension. Hated me, but left me alone after that.
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I got made fun a ton in grammer and middle school, but not so much in high school. By the time I got to high school, I was already really into punk, so I looked a little scary and I was new in town, and on top of that my mom shaved off my mohawk so I just looked like a weird bald kid. For the first week or so, kids wouldn't talk to me, and somebody threw rocks at me. Eventually, me and this other girl from San Francisco started hanging out since we liked some of the same bands. We told everyone we were lovers and had to escape our school in SF because of some Heathers-like murder/suicide spree we set off. Everyone was afraid of me for a little bit, and then after that I just told off anyone who tried to start shit, started hanging out with the Theater kids and had a fairly good time for being locked in a shit-hole with a bunch of morons.
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Originally Posted by EastTexas View Post
With the teacher facing the board I pulled the kids shoe off and hurled it at the teacher. The kid got a week of in school suspension. Hated me, but left me alone after that.
I lol'd at this. Sounds like something from a teen movie. Aces 10.
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Well aside from the obvious nerdery, my weight was an issue. Fatties aren't the only ones who have it rough. Only got into two or three fights overall though.
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People made fun of me for being skinny, but it wasn't so bad because I had a much skinnier friend who was really tall and frail. He'd always be injured from a slip or something, and he'd always read any chance he got. As a result, he took most of the "skinny twig" flack, and most of the picking-on-nerds stuff.

I was never bullied as a kid though. Once when I was in 3rd grade, this 6th grader cornered me and demanded my lunch money. Out of nowhere, this crazy old guy in a silver suit grabbed this kid and shoved him against the wall. The guy said he was from the future and "nobody will pick on DWarrior on my watch." I'm not sure why he called me DWarrior, but I kinda liked the name and so I've used it since.

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