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KATG Bucks

Keith and The Girl virtual Gift Cards

Party! Super Party! Shot Glass

Perfect for the alcoholic-in-training.

Bottle Opener/Keychain

Mesmerize your friends with your ability to open bottles!

Party! Super Party! Shot Glasses

Is there a party going on? Not without these official shot glasses there's not.

Keith and The Girl Frisbee

The Keith and The Girl Frisbee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spooky vs. Deuce

Video of Spooky and Deuce talking shit until something happens

What's My Name Tumbler

The What's My Name tumbler with reusable lid and straw as used by Chemda.

What's My Name Stickers

10 What's My Name durable die cast stickers

KATG Stickers

Now THIS is a fuckin’ sticker!

Sticker Combo Pack

It's a combo!

KATG Match Game

Ben Lerman hosts the star-studded big money KATG Match Game 2011

What's My Name 27: The First Time

Chemda's first solo live-audience show.
From $5.00

Keith and The Girl Jeopardy

This! Is! Jeopardy! KATG Style.