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Jono Zalay

Comedian and scientist who has been featured in Time Out New York and Comedy Central's Up Next talent search.
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KATG 1404: A Rat Like Me

I wonder what our neighbors think sometimes. June 7, 2011

Show Notes

  • — 1001'd It: Keith hits the audio equipment when it isn't working, ala The Fonz in Happy Days
  • — Graphic Depictions: Jono Zalay isn't used to instant audience feedback, and he shares with us what it's like to be a super secret neuroscientist who works with cocaine
  • — Rats: In the end, Jono has figured out that cocaine is addictive and rats love eating their own semen
  • — One Or The Other: Jono is only going to do Neuroscience until comedy pays the bills
  • — Keith's Psychic Baby: Keith is shocked and appalled that the baby who's arrival he predicted isn't being named after him
  • — Tough Enough: When is Ricky The Dragon Steamboat going to come out of the closet?
  • — Their Own Jerk-Offs: Lads and Birds are being shagged as Keith continues to watch Geordie Shore
  • — Sequel: The Human Centipede could technically happen in real life, but it'll probably be just as boring as the movie
  • — The Human Centipede 3: It's hard to tell your bro to not the drink the Jager when your mouth is sewn into his asshole
  • — Banned: There is a short list of movies banned in The United Kingdom, but it doesn't even compare to Burma's list of basically every movie ever made
  • — Fuck You Community Calendar: Keith engages his listeners by live tweeting NY1
  • — Dick Line-Up: Anthony Weiner admitting to his dick picture just makes him more of a liar
  • — Never Let Go: A man named his ship Titanic II and it sunk. What did you think was going to happen?
  • — Go For The Gold: A guy who stabbed a cop in the head is suing the state for the beating he received from cops after the stabbing
  • — Supporting Retardation: Sarah Palin supporters are changing Wikipedia articles to fit Palin's epic retelling of the classic Revolutionary Tale
  • — Big Secrets: Jono doesn't know the secrets to the universe, but there are probably aliens and Thor might be real
  • — It’s My Choice: With a choice of Sarah Palin and Donald Trump for President, most listeners would abstain from voting all together
  • — The Neighbors: The neighbors might not need to know about the show, but they should come to KATG Bingo


Jono ZalayJono Zalay

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