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Hang Out with Me

Hang Out with Me
In which you (human listener) get to (but don't have to) hang out with (that is to say, listen to) comedian Myq Kaplan (pronounced "Mike Kaplan," I know! I agree with the way you feel about it!) as he hangs out with (that is to say, talks to) other humans in ways that are meaningful, fun, both, or neither. (But probably not neither.)

27: Jackie Kashian and Laraine Newman

Hang out with Myq hanging out with Jackie Kashian and Laraine Newman. December 30, 2012

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Show Notes

  • — Not Live From Los Angeles: Myq welcomes Laraine Newman and Jackie Kashian to the studio
  • — Two Bug Juice Minimum: Myq knows Laraine because he instructed her oldest daughter in comedy while she was in summer camp
  • — No: The gang talks about and defines show-business
  • — Pete 'Brian Regan' Holmes: Watching and enjoying other comedians while you're working as a comedian is a gamble because there's always the risk of aping someone's style
  • — Hollywood Nights: Laraine talks about the time she saw Hunter S. Thompson take a 'fistful' of mushrooms with Bill Murray
  • — Romaine Newman: Laraine recommends we take care of lettuce and Jackie recommends we take care of each other
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