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Hang Out with Me

Hang Out with Me
In which you (human listener) get to (but don't have to) hang out with (that is to say, listen to) comedian Myq Kaplan (pronounced "Mike Kaplan," I know! I agree with the way you feel about it!) as he hangs out with (that is to say, talks to) other humans in ways that are meaningful, fun, both, or neither. (But probably not neither.)

28: Ryan Hamilton and Matt Ruby

Hang out with Myq hanging out with Ryan Hamilton and Matt Ruby. January 2, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Thumbs Up, Shut Up: Matt welcomes Ryan Hamilton and Matt Ruby to the program
  • — Park The Cah-medy: Myq talks about meeting Matt and Ryan through different comedy channels in Boston
  • — Magic Underwear: Ryan is a Mormon, which may or may not be related to what a nice guy he is; Matt is Jewish and also nice
  • — Looney Tooth Care: The most valuable lesson Bugs Bunny ever imparted on us was that chewing parsley removes bad breath
  • — Fuck, I'm Offended Again: Brian Regan is one of the funniest comedians in the world, and can be enjoyed by almost any demographic
  • — Small Love: Ryan doesn't have any wives, that he knows of, and polygamy's acceptance is actually a common misconception about Mormonism
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