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91: Philosophically Speaking Episode 3

Why Would You Say That To Me?!

Is it true that nothing other people do is because of you? Is it possible to NOT take insults and slights personally? Myq Kaplan joins Chemda again, and they talk about their own responses and emotions to people’s comments and actions. Let us know what you thought of this episode. Don’t worry about being critical. That’s just the way YOU are.


Myq Kaplan

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I've listened to this episode 3 times.

It's a perfect follow-up topic to the previous ep (which I've also heard 3 times), and part of the reason I haven't bashed out a response before now is because the first couple of times I listened my thoughts were was basically the same as the last one - that it's pretty stinkin' rare that I take insults personally but also that the mindset that lets those things be water off a duck's back for me was forged in an environment which involved the good fortune to be born with pretty much every privilege you can think of except having rich parents. (During the pandemic I've even accumulated extra unearned privileges just because I was born in a country whose leader isn't an imbecile! (Although, to be fair, I did vote for her so maybe I earned them a little bit.).)

Anyway, in other feedback, every time I (re)hear Chemda tell the story of the "2 Star-Rating For Cleanliness-gate" scandal it hits me in the heart. The utter betrayal of those motherfuckers, and the day after Chemda's bike crash/robbery incident no less! Also love the bit where Myq does his act-out of going from being mad and determined not to chill out ... to totally chilling out in a few seconds because he's eating.

Also loved each time (re)hearing Chemda's story about how Myq warned his other guests that she could be prickly, leading to some productive and proactive self-assessment for Chemda re: the increased value of delivering your message with a steady eye and a focused voice rather than coming at people with a brash and berating vibe. Then again, while the latter style is less likely to convince anyone to change their mind it's still pretty dang entertaining to hear as a podcast listener, so I'm torn on the matter.

Plenty of other cool stuff in the ep too (Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? etc.). Probably going to listen a few more times just because I love the Chemda/Myq podchemistry so much.
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Wow Bucho thank you so much for (re)listening and sharing your thoughts!

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