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Myq Kaplan

Comedian known for his appearances on Last Comic Standing and The Late Show with David Letterman, and for hosting the podcast Hang Out with Me.
Myq Kaplan has been on 80 shows

KATG 2576: No Kidding

with Myq Kaplan – Pregnancy scares; raped men; pineapple on pizza; pot arrest increase; meth head calls cops; Monopoly discards the thimble; New Jersey women given wrong baby to breast feed, twice; man stands under Walmart sign hoping it falls; Dennis Rodman drunk drives on wrong side of freeway; The Great Wall review; robots that hunt prey February 23, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Tailor Made: Myq Kaplan is in studio for a special episode inspired by his new comedy album
  • — Always Live On The Second Floor: The gang discusses Myq’s pregnancy scares, some real and some fake
  • — It Wasn’t Super Rape: Myq recounts an incident where he had unprotected sex and wasn’t entirely comfortable with the encounter
  • — Pineapple Ban: Iceland’s President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson took a bold stance on the pineapple and if it belongs on a pizza
  • — These Hos Like To Get Attached, Bro: Myq is willfully single for the longest time period in his life
  • — Drugs Round Up: The gang discusses the increase in pot related arrests, a man with 36 pounds of meth in his car calls the cops, and Myq recounts his recent experiences with molly
  • — Do Not Pass Go, Thimble: Monopoly has decided to replace the unsexy thimble with another more relevant token
  • — Wrong Baby From The Drawer: A New Jersey woman is suing the hospital for giving her the wrong baby to breast-feed, twice
  • — In Dummy News: A man stood under a broken Walmart sign hoping it would fall on him so he’d collect a settlement. Dennis Rodman drove the wrong way on the freeway while drunk.
  • — M. Night Shama-lama-ding-dong: Keith saw the film The Great Wall. He didn’t find it so great.
  • — Fire Breathing Roomba: Scientists are creating robots that can hunt prey


Myq KaplanMyq Kaplan

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