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1704: When Panic Attacks

"I gotta go! Y'know, I'm gay."

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Faceboyz Folliez : NYC

Reina Terror | Facebook
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Chemda and Faceboy argued with Keith that the soda ban was a waste of law makers time. But when they heard about the comercial ad volume law, they applauded and praised it.

One of Chemda's arguments against the soda ban was that they should educate people about nutrition through ads.
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Thumbs up

Your secret audio recordings are mind blowing. Scary but big reminder to stay healthy. Hope you feel as good as you sound which is very good. Must be all that dry chicken broth.
Keith and Chemda,
Thanks a babillion for some of my best hours of 2012. You deserve lots of orgasms and money in 2013.
ps I'm writing this during a panic attack!!!!!!! That's how great you are.
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Faceboy is right talking with someone really does help in so many unbelievable ways when having a panic attack.

Also, best reading glasses ever.

PS: Law against Ads. When Government finally fucking gets it. FUCK YES. I'M IN.
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Faceboy mentioned that movie 'Doctor' about how an uncaring doctor becomes a patient, learns to be more empathetic, and makes his medical students experience being patients to see what it's like. My first semester in nursing school we had to watch that video for a bioethics class.

OMG, those audio recordings are insane. 'Help!!!!!'
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The limiting of volume of commercials will make little or no difference - in many countries the restriction is already in place.
Advertisers simply use compressors to ensure that every sound in the commercial is at the maximum possible volume, rendering it far louder than a normal show which has peaks and troughs
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That's because you're an idiot.

Merry Christmas.
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Fuck mcNally

Jesus Christ (not trying to summon Chemdas brother) that chick with Faceboy was annoying. Faceboy is one of my favorite guests and she is now being nominated for worse guest in my opinion. On a side Keith ok with keeping airsoft guns legal? You know for camping and home protection purposes?
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Reina Terror was good, she seems to be very informed on mental health and its effects on people.
I have a hard time with Faceboy on some of the shows. Sometimes I think he's too sensitive, I don't know if its my own hang ups on crying or showing weakness but when he can't talk about the shooting because he's breaking down I think less of him. Mind you I would love to sit down and have a beer with him, he'd probably want wine, and talk because I don't think we have the same outlooks on life but do have the same ability to talk without over emotionilizing most issue. I like the guy but it was really hard to hear he had a panic attack about something that didn't actually happen to him.
Originally Posted by flerchin View Post
The SSgt has it exactly right.
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I spite of my apparent frankness (based on Chemda's assessment of me, which I'm not disputing), I guess I come off harsh with my criticisms. However, I enjoy every show. Every show equally? No, that's not possible. But I think every show has had something that made it worth listening. And I think that's true from episode 1 (even if Keith doesn't want you to listen to it).

Was Reina Terror my favorite guest? No, she wasn't. But I found her VERY interesting. And I'm glad she was on the show. And it was good to hear from Faceboy, as usual. He always has an interesting perspective on things.

Plus, I play Draw Something with his girlfriend, which is fun.
Originally Posted by slampokes View Post
You could be a terrorist and I would still continue to love you very, very much.
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