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1704: When Panic Attacks

I gotta go! Y'know, I'm gay. December 22, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Happy Apocalypse: The Mayans might have been a little bit off in predicting the end of the world
  • — The Horror: Reina Terror's last name isn't actually Terror, but her dad has taken on the pseudonym too
  • — Incestuous Group: Reina and Faceboy banged while Reina was just starting out at Surf Reality
  • — Performance Art: Reina set herself on fire, hammered nails through her nose, and let strangers throw darts at her back to add some much needed unpredictability to Surf Reality
  • — Defamation of Character: Don't let John Travolta's awful Christmas album and repressed homosexuality deter you from buying Chemda's Christmas CD
  • — NRAnxiety: Faceboy had a panic attack over the recent elementary school shooting
  • — Give Me a Break: Keith shares some more horrific hospital details from his initial acceptance into the E.R.
  • — Talk About the Weather: Faceboy gives some tips for having a cheap, fun Christmas

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