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2188: Unbreakable Brooke Arnold

with Brooke Arnold – White Walkers; Bruce Jenner becomes Caitlin Jenner; Brooke grew up under the Advanced Training Institute (ATI), the same abusive religious organization as the Duggars

Brooke Arnold

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Books let you imagine the scene. TV/Movies are great for visual effects. They also show you how to do things.
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Old 06-02-2015, 12:03 AM   #3 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by WSEIII View Post
Books let you imagine the scene. TV/Movies are great for visual effects. They also show you how to do things.
This is all true.
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Really enjoyed Chemda's questions to Brooke in this show.
Particularly liked:
"When did you know that penis goes into vagina?"
>>>"Well I'd never seen an erection before. I saw a penis in a nursery once"
"Did you know what you're vagina did?"
>>>"Oh noo noo noooo..."

It's interesting that Brooke went through 10 years of being a staunch atheist but still couldn't shake her sensitivity to sexual things and slightly revealing clothes. That programming you get dosed with when you're a kid is some heavy shit.

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You can do a lot more in a book, there is no special effects budget no uncanny valley to worry about. A good author can do so much with words that films can't live up to. I just find myself very lazy when it comes to reading; starting a new book, getting to know characters and their motivations... ugh so much work. Actually I sort of feel the same way about movies.
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This was a great show, Brooke is very eloquent and brought her points across very clear and I super enjoyed that.
I feel for her probably not really knowing what KATG is (as she had such short notice until she came on but yeah for her being so cool and proactive to offer to be on the show) I think she rolled with the questions very well.

And I also never have any idea what age Americans are when they tell me what they did in Junior High or similar wordings. It is really like she was raised not learning all the vocabulary of a language.

Homeschooling is illegal in Germany for pretty much all the reasons discussed on the show and just recently there was a case of kids being taken away from their parents that are in a religious sect and refused to send the kids to school (and regularly hit their kids with canes which is also illegal).

I am sure you can homeschool very well if you put the effort in it but this would be so incredibly hard to control. What would you do send a letter to everybody and ask them to confirm they talked about their kids about sex education and evolution?

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homeschool kids take standardized testing as well. it's not a free for all, at least not in my state. my ex-husband's brother was home schooled, not for religious purposes, and his mother was very good about social events and making sure he stayed up to snuff scholastically to get into a college. the option should be available. i am not at all comfortable with mandating state institutionalized learning.

thank you, Brooke, for coming on the show to share. thank you, KATG, for another wonderful interview. seeing Chemda respond to how much common ground they had was really something.
Originally Posted by dannyhatch View Post
Maybe we should all smoosh our dicks together until the spirit bear tells us who's right.
Originally Posted by aunt_helen View Post
Laugh a little, chigger. The world is a fun place.
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This was a really fascinating episode. I find the whole fundamentalist mindview so shocking, we don't really have it here in England as a cultural force but it seems so strong in the states, it's terrifying. Not only is it scary that these backwards people exist, but that they are politically engaged and active and have a massive say in how your country is run. The only key is education - educating the victims of a fundamentalist upbringing, and educating the public as to how toxic and kind of evil these organizations are.
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criticizing the church here is difficult. we have a constitutional right to our religious expression. /any/thing seen to abridge that right is met with hefty refusal. especially right before an election year. the conservative wing has melted its face with the Christian church.
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There was way more rape in the books! She must not have read them in awhile. I was RELIEVED by the most controversial rape scene, because in the books it was far, far worse ( add in a second dude and a dog and some knife play, and you'll start to get an idea.) The show did us a favor!

Now for a ridiculously obsessive set of nerdy facts to back up my argument:

Rape acts in game of thrones TV series: 50
Rape victims in TV series: 29
Rape acts in ASOIAF the book series (to date): 214
Rape victims in ASOIAF (to date): 117

The books contain over 4 times as much rape as the show (and probably even more; the method of analysis likely underestimates the rape in the books…)"
Source: Game of Thrones Rape: By the Numbers
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