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2240: Rent Control

with Josh Gondelman - Social media negativities and emoticons; Gossip Queen Patrice Chentelle Callender; giving and receiving compliments; carny scams

Josh Gondelman

1984: Gossip Wednesday

1985: Don't Trust the B---- with No Apartment

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The only time I was scammed I remember thinking to myself; "This is probably a scam." Yet I still marched head first into it. When listening to other people's stories about the times they were scammed it seems like, "this is a scam" is always the last thing people think before they got hit with the scam hammer. But I can't blame anyone but myself. I learned from that point on if anything smells even remotely fishy to just walk away from the situation and cut all communication with the person.

Keith is right, Patrice's skill set would be perfect for sales. Charming personality, seeming lack of empathy, ability to make bull shit seem plausible... If only she used her power for relative good, she'd make a hell of a used car sales person.
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I used to love Patrice and I'm still guilty of going through back episodes to listen to episodes with her on it.
If she had set up a phone in my name and STOLEN MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER I would have done everything I could to get retribution. I'm surprised that she stopped with getting a phone in someone else's name. I'm shocked that this person and Chemda both had the attitude of not being able to live with themselves if something bad happened to Patrice because of her reporting to the police.
I feel like I'm a pretty forgiving and would have fallen victim multiple times to her but that would have just been too much. That's such a huge violation of privacy... i would feel like there isn't enough I could do to report her and prosecute. It enrages me when people scam and take advantage of people's kindness. I've been in that situation many times and now I won't hesitate to do what I need. You may feel like a piece of shit for calling the police or whatever but at some point it's not about being shady; it's about protecting yourself and holding a value in yourself that you deserve better than how your being treated.
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Did anyone else blow up their diaper a little bit when they saw Patrice listed as a guest under "Shows, Notes & Pics?"
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You're welcome

When I worked in north-central Florida I was taken aside and seriously reprimanded by my boss for saying "no problem" instead of "you're welcome" when I would talk to co-workers or on business calls. She took the time to take me into her office to bring this up. She said it could come off as negative (how?!) and that it doesn't sound as polite. I could not hold in my laughter when she told me this. I told her maybe it was a regional difference because both phrases mean the same thing to me and always have.

She is a former pageant queen who was raised in the south so I had to assume she grew up getting strict etiquette drilled into her head. I ignored her nit picking because I thought it was so silly. I am still acknowledging someone's thanks no matter which phrase I use. Even if it is "mm-hmm", "sure thing" or "you got it" whatever you want to say is getting the same job done.
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I'm soft-spoken so I'd say around 30% of the people I meet don't hear me in public situations or when there's any noise around us.

One time a guy opened a door for me, and I said, "thank you".
A second later, he sarcastically responded, "YOOOOUUU'RRRRRRE WELLLLLCOMMMME!"

He obviously hadn't heard me thank him and thought I had said nothing at all.

I'm working on speaking more loudly, but...what a douche.

(as for "you're welcome," I normally say, "no problem" instead)
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In 1991 I paid $25 for a Triumph record at a record show. The organizer of the record show looked at my purchase, sighed, and said 'Son, you got ripped off. Lemme talk to the guy who sold it to you'.

Pride kicked in and I said no. I'll live with the shame.
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It's really upsetting to realize how much awful there is in the world.
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Originally Posted by Apia View Post
We don't say " you are welcome" in German. In still sounds strange to me and I don't like saying it in English.

I try to think about what we say instead. ( and no, we do not say Heil Hitler instead, that's so 1940 )

I hold the door for someone. He says " thank you"
I would most likely smile and say nothing after that.
Du sagst nicht "natürlich"?
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I say "Gerne" (Gladly?) "Immer gerne" (Always glad) or the a bit more formal "Gern geschehen"

"Natürlich Gerne" could work but doesnt't sound right somehow.

I actually say "kein Problem" (no problem) a lot but that might just be me incorporating that over from english.
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